6 Top Web Application Development Examples

Online gaming is a tending industry that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. With the rise of AR-VR-based games, online gaming websites and mobile apps are gaining wide popularity. They do require a website but also do not want to spend huge sums on web development services.

But, it’s also because users have been exposed to the user experiences that realtime web technology provides and are now demanding those types of experiences in the apps they use. Now that you are aware of the top web app ideas, getting started with them is a pressing issue. If you have the same concern then it is worth hiring a web development company to get end-to-end development services for your web application. You can develop AI and ML-powered chatbots to respond to the most asked customer queries. This indeed is one of the most popular web app ideas for startups. This is one of the most popular web app ideas, as there is a limitation of such technology right now.

Browser Meeting has arleady taken the plunge, allowing multiple users to chat with video and voice. UserVoice is a San Francisco-based startup that empowers companies to help and understand their users, keep them happy with great support and be even smarter about building better products. UserVoice’s HelpDesk enables support teams to instantly track support issues, identify users and their needs, solve problems, and answer tickets with less effort. Caplin Systems are one of the pioneers of realtime web technologies and their latest front-end product continues to demonstrate cutting edge use of the technology.

Today’s internet world is full of web apps, some of which are performing well to some extent. These web apps include stock trading web apps, music streaming web apps, ride-sharing web apps, and language translation web apps. These apps perform a lot of functions such as calendar management, daily reminders, scribbling notes, and a lot more. An interior designing app can help people beautify their homes without costing them huge amounts of money.

How Do Web Apps Work?

Contact Monocubed and get a dedicated team that will develop a robust start-up web application that will fulfill all your business requirements. You can analyze the web applications of various other domains that relate to your business’ nature. Recognize the best characteristics and functionality from the companies of other industries that you feel are relevant to your business. It seems tough to find the best ideas for web application development, but it is not impossible. By this type of business notion, you can get countless service providers connected to those who need it easily in exchange for a certain amount of charge from the holders.

  • A web application that can connect people with others who relish similar things is needed.
  • Conversely, a website renders text and visual content that the users can view and read, but cannot affect its functioning.
  • You can develop an app wherein companies can find website building templates, domains name generators, and hosting plus marketing tools all in one place at a minimal fee.
  • Additionally, if the app was not created by yourself or your company, you have to seek out the person who planned and generated the static web app.
  • The time is now to come up with unique web application ideas and utilize innovative technological solutions to create web app projects.
  • Mainly, web applications are designed to be responsive and work on any device by adjusting to its screen size.
  • This is because the technology is better understood, has matured and become standardised.

As you have understood all the information about web apps, it is time to discuss the 6 best web app examples in detail. Reading this, you will understand how creating a web app can solve business-related challenges. Before discussing the above examples in detail, you must understand what a web application is, how the web app works, and the types of web apps. Therefore, we have mentioned these details down below for you to check. According to Statista, global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach $2.39 trillion by 2024.

Q 1 What Are Some Good Project Ideas For Web Apps?

It can enable the users to chat with individuals, read news and blogs, exchange information, or perhaps write one of their own. This web app can be similar to available social network applications. But here, instead of posting social updates, the users can share the crimes occurring in their area.

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But the technology shows its real value when interactive experiences are created – when multiple users and systems are instantly communicating with each other. Industries which are benefitting from the technology include social, broadcasting, sport, finance, e-commerce, energy, education, healthcare and gaming. Massive social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now represent one of the main ways that we communicate with each another.

Introduced in August 2012, Medium is one of the best online content publishing tools for journalists, writers, and readers. When Medium was launched, its initial goal was to revolutionize the blogging platform by offering small pieces of stories to engage all types of readers. Medium is successfully filling the gap between content creators and readers by offering effective mobile web app solutions.

Online Pharmacy Web Application Idea

It also offers Github integration and supports multiple development languages including Node.js, Ruby and Python. To make your business sustainable for a long time, it is viable to develop custom web applications. Pinterest is famously known as an image sharing and social media service platform which allows users to download and discover images, GIFs, and videos directly in the pinboards. Even the Pinterest web app is helping businesses to increase blog traffic, and generate new leads.

Bookworm searches for not only the record-breaking books but they also refer to reviews before making an actual purchase. Therefore, they look for a trustworthy platform that presents them with trusted ratings by honest readers. This web-based form steadily gathers payment information of various shoppers and readdress the data to the definite page to view the transaction particulars or carry on shopping. Generally, e Commerce website is enthusiastic to employ a customized payment gateway for their app. It is an inventive idea for a web application that can be accomplished with a very small investment. Utilizing this web app, you do not have to make an effort to produce a playlist.You just can start the radio and enjoy listening to it.

Many organizations have to administer an extensive collection of confidential documents. While Gdrive, Dropbox, etc serve the same purpose, they are not much preferred by the companies. Traders are often looking for new apps that can expertly assist them in stock investment and monitor portfolios. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange app can be a great and lucrative idea that can generate massive returns. Gone are the days when travelers used to reach their destination and select their accommodation. Here is a graphical representation that clearly shows the growth of the fitness app market in the coming years.

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You can simply pay membership fees and use the respective services. It is only possible with web-based solutions.AutomationTo reduce the repetitive tasks and automate the process, developing web apps is the best option. Web apps like Slack and Trello are great examples to follow, which will inspire you to develop collaboration tools for your business as well. Quality open source projects, such as socket.io and SignalR (now part of ASP.NET), make this technology much more accessible. Hosted services such as Pusher , Firebase and PubNub further lower the barriers to adding realtime functionality to web apps .

In this type of platform, you can offer manifold services to the users by teaming up with various service providers. Besides, it can facilitate a steady collection of paying customers, if you have a supportive and well-planned marketing campaign to back it up. In the early days of the internet, companies could effortlessly make their online presence by developing a simple website.

Table Booking App Idea For New Project

We have listed some interesting web app ideas to make money above. Now let’s look at how to convert these ideas into a profitable web app. But creating invoices is a time-intensive task, and businesses have to spend more time and effort managing multiple invoices. With custom-built web solutions, you can better manage your workflow and increase your productivity and efficiency. Just like our custom project management software that spiked productivity by 33% for our client.

Travel Accommodation Selection Service Provider Apps

I am a Director and Co-founder of The NineHertz, IT Consulting Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of the IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market. Developing an app that translates languages in real-time can come to a traveler’s aid immediately in far-off places. OLX, being an example of this kind of app that connects buyers and sellers locally. Selling & buying used furniture, electronic goods, automobiles, and many more products are very common these days.

Nowadays, people have a busy routine with hectic work diaries.In this condition, they rarely find adequate time for their hobbies. Thus, an invoicing web app has a wide range of potential users, and it solves a genuine problem. They ought to take sanctions of dissimilar applications from the diverse government organizations and track the status of the applications to accelerate the approval procedure. However, by utilizing the crime alert web application, we can make probable efforts to trace it as rapidly as possible.

And, as shown by the work going on with Arduinos, it’s not restricted to web applications. Any technology that can establish an internet connection has the potential to instantly communicate with other devices and applications. You can connect with a trustworthy web app development company that has a team of skilled and experienced web app developer. You may share and discuss your ideas to develop an app with them through a brainstorming session. Being an entrepreneur, you also have this opportunity to increase your product or service accessibility and to take your business online in a reduced time-to-market by developing web apps.

If you have a good network then you can start a multi-service provider web app. In such a platform you can offer several diverse services by teaming up with various local service providers. Developing an app wherein people can easily web application structure book an online slot for the services and professionals rendering those services at the requested time adds a great level of satisfaction. Grocery delivery app development has seen the biggest boom during and after the pandemic.


Before we discuss project ideas for web development, let’s look at the different kinds of web apps and which one you should prefer. There are lots of very cool things being created with Arduinos that use realtime web technologies for communication, so I simply had to give them a mention here. Examples range from controlling power switches via SMS, WebHooks and WebSockets and WebSocket controlled cars to firing t-shirt cannons. A couple of companies to check out in this space are Ninja Blocks and reaDIYmate. Key to providing excellent support – along with quality of service – is speed. In addition, a feedback “Kudos” mechanism has been added to the help desk to provide support agents with instant gratifications from happy customers.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Web Application?

Along with that, you have learned about the web types, advantages, and top 6 examples of web apps. This guide is basically the whole package to help you to understand the ins and outs of web applications along with their examples. Netflix is one of the best subscription-based web applications which allows you to stream TV shows and movies on the web and mobile. Netflix allows you to stream TV shows and movies on multiple accounts. People look forward to apps that provide good quality editing services with unique filters and vast options. Develop an app that showcases all local restaurants, cloud kitchens and provides the fastest deliveries.

This is the most elementary kind of web application and has minimal content or room for any movement.These kind of web applications can be termed as a ‘simple web app’. Web application software is a collection of functions and programs which is intended and formed to accomplish specific tasks. A web application is application software that functions on a web server, dissimilar to computer-oriented software programs that are collected locally on the Operating System of any device. To help you understand how the web app works, we have designed the below image. To help you visually understand how the web app works, we have designed an image, please check the entire process below. Stay updated with the latest development insights, technologies, trends.

Twitter, a famously known social networking site and microblogging platform, where users post messages and interact with each other known as tweeting and retweeting. Later, their team of developers integrated web and native apps features to make Twitter an ideal web app for mobile users. With a large network of medicine coupled with great offers and good customer support, this can be one of the best web apps ideas for startups. Also, these libraries are given to prospective clients who develop a support application to respond to the most asked customer queries.It is one of the popular web app ideas for startups. Realtime web technologies have been around for over 10 years, but it’s only relatively recently that we’ve started seeing them used in the sorts of applications we use on a daily basis. This is because the technology is better understood, has matured and become standardised.

It confirms the fact that several businesses are taking it as an opportunity and leveraging the power of building online solutions. To design an app like this, outsource a web development service and kickstart your business. To give an innovative face to the idea, hire a web development company and get going. While the world is going more digital, people are engaging in newer hobbies. Creating a platform that lets them discover unique hobby ideas and assist them to engage can help you become popular in no time. All you need is a good web development service and kickstart your dating app business.

The amount of realtime data Caplin Trader consumes and displays, the in-browser performance it achieves and the functionality it provides makes it a worthy addition to this list. Chat is probably the number one use case for realtime web technologies. There are lots of chat apps but I’ve chosen Jabbr because it’s a great example of chat at scale. It has some nice features, such as the ability to embed rich content from URLs, and is fully open sourced.