Customer Targeted E-Commerce System using Artificial Intelligence

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Let’s discuss about Customer Targeted E-Commerce System using Artificial Intelligence. The E-Commerce System is an important application in today’s world. One can easily build it using artificial intelligence. Customers get many benefits via online shopping like amazon, flipkart,etc. This helps e-commerce companies to build long-lasting and profitable relationships with their customers. For making strong relationships with their customers it is very important to focus on the customer needs and service as a whole. 

Now, you may be thinking who all have access to the database then? So, there are 2 entities who will have access to the system. 

They are :-

  • admin and 
  • the registered user. 

Admin- can add product details, view all the order details(ordered by users) and can also view the sales of the products. 

Users- need to register with basic registration details like name, email, phone no, etc. to generate a valid username and password. 

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After the user logins, it can view all the products that are available on the homepage with their details like price, discount, etc. From the recommended products, the user can even further view its details and can buy, the system gives an add to cart option for purchasing the product. 

The system has an AI bot with the help of which the user can get answers to queries like features, guarantee, discount, price etc. details of the products. This AI Bot even converts text to speech and vice versa. After selecting the product, users can make payment online. 

Users can even have a look at their order history details of purchased products.

Customer Targeted E-Commerce

Since almost all the buyers nowadays prefer online shopping due to its many benefits and good services, it is essential to have a good relationship with this already existing audience. One needs to build a customer targeted audience. Retail markets have a great influence nowadays due to the pandemic. Amazon’s name is on every lip of the customer due to its service & strong relationships with their customers. 

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  • Login- The admin needs to login to have access to the system
  • Add Products- The admin can add products to the system.
  • View Products- Admin can even view the products available in the system
  • View Orders- Admin can view orders


  • Login- The user needs to login to buy products.
  • View Products-Users can view all the products.
  • Add to cart-The user can even add products to the system
  • Recommended section-In this the user will be displayed recommended products
  • AI Bot- Here the users can ask queries related to products after which the answer will be displayed as text and also converted from text to speech.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or higher. 
  • Notepad++ 7.3
  • PHP 5.2

Hardware Components:

  • Processor – i3
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB
  • Memory – 1GB RAM


  • The system reduces a lot of time of the buyers
  • The recommendation section helps the users in getting the products they desire


This application is useful for the online buyers who wants an efficient online shopping system.