which is the trending cloud soucrces in low cost and also the oldest cloud resource company

AWS:- which is called as amazon web series which is the most highly rated website for learning cloud computing. in which the student can access the was by registering . which it gives free 100 dollars for one-year validation in which they can have access and use 100 dollars for accessing the services.

services available:- day by day the services were increasing day by day. In these mostly we can use the data storage, server availability, and elasticity in which there are plenty of the services in which we can use the service on the demand in which we can pay for what and how much time we can use the services. it was the most used cloud computing service. Below are the most trending cloud computing services in aws we can divide the whole into the subparts

there are many cloud providers in the world for example like google cloud, Microsoft azure, oracle cloud. The best thing with the google cloud is that we can pay on how much we use.

  1. GLOBAL INTERFACE 2. CLOUD SECURITY 3. NETWORKING AND CONTENT DELIVERY 4.COMPUTE 5.STORAGE 6. DATA BASE 7.CLOUD ACHITECTURE details of cloud computing you can check these post these is the main website of aws