Browser and Search engine


Browser are application software. It helps to fetch content from web page through www search. It helps to display the particular web page from a server. Its almost used in various devices like phone, laptop, desktop, tablets and other devices too.

Till 2021, nearly 4.9 billion people have used browser and Google chrome is the most used browser among all. It also holds 64% global share.

History of browser

In 1991 =>”worldwideweb” was the ever first browser. Tim Berners lee designed the world first browser.

In 1993 => It was an amazing year with releasing “mosaic”. It was the most popular browser with graphical interface. It was the most user browser because because of its simple UI.

In 1995 => Microsoft launched it own browser called “Internet explorer”. It boomed in the market opposing netscape. By2002 Microsoft’s Internet explorer peaked 95% market share.

In 1998 => Netscape introduced new browser called “Microsoft foundation” which later changed into ” Firefox” . Its an open source software which gain 28% of share value in market in 2011. Also produced stable version that navigates to deep web.

In 2008 => Google debuted its browser called “Google chrome”. It steadily gains the market and emerged as the most used web browser ever since.

Examples of browser:

Some examples of web browser are:

1 Google chrome 2 Safari
3 Microsoft edge 4 Opera
5 Firefox 6 Brave

Some browsers and search engines

Search engine

Search engine is the software system. Its used to make web searches. The information searched can be a mix of lines, images, audio, video and many formats as well.

History of Search engine

In 1990s => World’s first search software “Archie” discovered. But It wasn’t indexed so searches were mostly limited. Mostly of search made manually.

In 1993 => Search engine called “W3Catalog” was discovered. Its the first web search engine made by Oscar Nierstrasz. It is working since then.

In 2000 => Google came up with new search engine. It works with an algorithm called pagerank. It used simple interface to make us easy for people to use.

In 2000 => Yahoo provided a search engine based on Inktomi. Later Microsoft’s search engine Bing collaborated with yahoo.

Example of Search engine

Some examples of search engines are:

1 Google 2 bing

3 DuckDuckGo 4 CC search

5 startPage 6 openSearch

Difference between Browser and Search engine

Its often the most confusing term for normal people too. Simply, Browser are some application/software which should be installed on our computer. whereas can’t necessarily be installed.

When we know exact url or web address, then our browser directs exclusive to that website. However in search engine all the result which have the keyword related to search will display.