CAT previous year questions of quantitative aptitude

Cat strategy

previous year questions of quantitative:

Ques 1:- let ABCD be a rectangle inscribed in a circle of radius 13cm. Which one of the following pairs can represent,in cm the possible length and breadth of ABCD?


  1. 24,12
  2. 25,9
  3. 24,10
  4. 25,10
  5. ques 2:-

The distance from A to B is 60 km. Partha and Narayan start from A at the same time
and move towards B. Partha takes four hours more than Narayan to reach B.
Moreover, Partha reaches the mid-point of A and B two hours before Narayan reaches B. The speed of Partha, in km per hour, is.


Ques 3:-

When they work alone, B needs 25% more time to finish a job than A does. They two
finish the job in 13 days in the following manner: A works alone till half the job is
done, then A and B work together for four days, and finally B works alone to
complete the remaining 5% of the job. In how many days can B alone finish the
entire job?

  1. 18
  2. 20
  3. 22