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Hello Guys, today we are going to discuss the topic “Design Ethics for Artificial Intelligence“. 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while speaking about the design of an app or a website? Yes, you are right it’s User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX) design. Likewise in AI, we have certain rules that one needs to follow during the designing process. 

Design makes AI smarter & reliable

Nowadays, designers most likely have been designing for products that use some level of AI for automation. But for this designing process, the designer needs user data. Collecting human input and data is essential for achieving artificial general intelligence. We need to design experiences that improve AI and perform appropriate tasks on time. 

design ethics for artificial intelligence
A feedback loop between an AI and a human.

Design Ethics for Artificial Intelligence(Human-Computer Communication)

Humans and computers have a common relationship of asking and responding. Hence, this makes a business or a website more user-friendly. AI chatbots talk in a language which humans understand so that they can respond to it. It is a simple and efficient way of communication in this Covid situation. AI studies how the target audience communicates with their families and friends so as to provide service and develop a style for dynamic dialogue. 

Many AI assistants don’t say sorry. Hence, it is a personality design decision to stay positive and move forward. Designers need to provide users with next steps, compensation, suitable alternatives, and immediate gratification. Hence, it is as if other ways of acknowledging things didn’t go as the user has expected.

Give-and-take relationship

Give users value and take user feedback. The feedback loop is one of the biggest design challenges to improve the AI. Give-and-take relationship helps in enhancing user performance and increased positive affect. Users will be more likely to invest in the AI if they understand and experience the benefits from the investment.

User data rights in Design Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

  • Users need to always maintain control over what data is in use. 
  • Privacy settings and permissions needs to be adjustable, updated and findable.
  • Users needs to provide full disclosure on how the personal information is in use.
  • Users’ data needs to be protected from theft, misuse, or data corruption.
  • Forbid use of another company’s data without permission when creating a new AI service.