Digital Certificate and It’s importance

Mechanism for Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate is a file that ensures holder’s identity and provides security. It authoritatively identifies the identity of an individual or organization. Digital Certificates are electronic credentials that binds the identity of the certificate owner to a pair of electronic encryption keys.

It also enable secure, confidential communication between sender and receiver using encryption. They are also known as public key certificates or identity certificates.

Certification Authority

The Certification Authority (CA) issues the Digital Certificates by verifying it. The role of Certification Authority (CA) is to issue certificates with authorized digit signature. It verifies the information provided by a requester of a digital certificate. If the information is verified as correct, the certificate authority can then issue a certificate.

The role of the CA is to validate certificate owner’s identity and to sign the certificate so that it cannot be tampered & unauthorized user.

Types of Digital Certificates

  • Secure Socket Layer Certificate : The purpose of SSL Certificates is to ensure that all communication between the client and the server is private and encrypted.
  • Software Signing or Code Signing Certificate : The purpose of Code Signing Certificates is to guarantee that the software or file is genuine and comes from the publisher it claims to belong.
  • Client Certificate : Client Certificates or Digital IDs authenticate the sender and the recipient. Client Certificates also take the form of two-factor authentication when the user needs to access a protected database.
Mechanism for Digital Signatures & Certificates

Contents of Digital Certificate

  1. Version Number
  2. Serial Number
  3. Issuer Name
  4. Validity Details
  5. Name of the Certificate Owner
  6. Issuer Unique Identifier
  7. Owner Unique Identifier
  8. Extensions
  9. Signature of Certification Authority

Importance of Digital Certificate

Digital certificates are based on public-key cryptography which uses a pair of keys for encryption and decryption.

Digital Certificates are the most appropriate option to securing your corporate data online.

It encrypt our internal and external communications to avoid outsiders and phishers from stealing sensitive informations.

Lot of third party agencies companies providing facilities of Creating users own digital certificates.

It is a mechanism for users to obtain assurance about identity and authenticity of a website.

Advantages of Digital Certificate

  1. It keeps safe your site from digital threats.
  2. It is an essential part of secure communication.
  3. Provides a high level of security for online banking.
  4. Enables secure e-commerce and web-based communication.

Agencies for Digital Certificate