General Layout of Thermal Power Plant

Layout of the thermal power plants with basics

General Layout of Thermal Power Plant
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  • The general layout of the thermal power plant consist of 4 circuits :
    1. Coal & ash circuit
    2. Air & gas circuit
    3. Feed water & steam flow circuit
    4. Cooling water circuit

Here is the general layout of thermal power plant.

Layout of the thermal power plant

Now we will understand each one individually.

  • Coal & ash circuit

The coal from the storage is the first supplied to coal handling equipment. After necessary treatment, coal is supplied to the furnace. The ash produced is collected from the back of boiler and supplied to ash handling equipment. For better understanding please look at the general layout of the thermal power plant images which is attached.

  • Air & gas circuit

Air from the atmosphere is taken into the air-preheater. It is heated into that by the heat of hot flue gases from the combustion chamber. The exhaust hot flue gases carrying heat are passed through air pre0heater,Superheater & economizer through the dust collector. Them chimney rejects the exhaust gases.

  • Feed water & steam flow circuit

The condensate collected from the condenser is the first heated in a closed water heater. It is then circulated through the deqerator and few more heater to the economizer. The temperature of feed water is increased and then supplied to the boiler. The steam produced in the boiler is heated in the superheater. It is then supplied to the turbines. In modern power plants reheat boiler is udes in between.

  • Cooling water circuit

The cooling water is taken from the natural source such as river, lake or sea. It is again for cooling. Cooling water is stored in condenser . In some cases, the cooling arrangement is made through spray pond or cooling tower. See fig attached below.

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This is the basic details of Layout part which is so much important to understand as a Mechanical Engineering student.

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