HDD vs SSD : Which one to prefer or both to prefer ?


As all of us know the reason and choice to prefer. But still there are certain crowd who still feel confuse because of development. The development in HDD and SSD. As a result, the people who work on laptop or pc, only those guys are aware of this. I guess many of the users even do not know how to differ it. Because the people who are using early computers, they mostly use HDD in their computers and the fashion of SSD is being emerge recently in market.

HDD and SSD image

As from the above image, you can see that there is so variation in the actual working of these two. Now there can be many technical reasons as such fast, accuracy, file extraction. All these are some of the most using feature of SSD. Students who are working in the field of engineering know very well of this. The main reason is speed.


All these devices or hardware are for the people who know it’s benefit. As a result, these differ occur.

HDD(Hard Disk Drive)


 It is em data storage device that stores and retrieves digital data using magnetic storage coated with magnetic material. These devices are static in nature. If a person wants to try access of 5 files quickly, he will have to wait for the action to perform. As a result, there is less speed and low interest for user. This is the base reason why people don’t prefer it to have in their routine.

SSD – (Solid State Drive)

It is a device which uses non volatile and flash memory. As a result, it offers great speed and accuracy. This is generally the most preferable and choice for any user to choose. Even if we compare it SSD is better because it provides booting system on disk which helps access faster. Because of increase in use of computers, people are now preferring these over HDD and as well as over manually setting up parts.

HDD Price in MRP

4 TB – 37, 638 Rs. and

6 TB – 45, 987 Rs and

1 TB – 8500 Rs and

But SSD Price in MRP

1 TB – 20000 Rs

512 GB – 8000 Rs

240 GB – 3500 Rs

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