How to prepare for Infosys interview

Infosys interview Problem Statement

Welcome learners, In this post How to prepare for Infosys interview(Power Programmer Role) will let you know what subjects and areas you should prepare for the Infosys interview. You can refer to my previous posts Performance Analysis-Time and Space Complexity, Two Pointers Technique/Approach.


HWI HackWithInfy is the coding contest organized by Infosys company for the engineering students. Through this contest they hire freshers for two specific roles based on your performance. You can refer what is HackWithInfy here.

How to prepare for Infosys interview

First of all, Nothing is more important than being confident in your interview.

Tips for attending interview

  1. Be formal
  2. Be confident
  3. Answer only if you know it, don’t try to manipulate that you know it without knowing it.
  4. If you answered something unrelated, you will lose your impression
  5. What ever you say, be confident
  6. Try to answer appropriately according to the question
  7. Don’t speak in the middle while interviewer is telling something.
  8. Go prepared
  9. Don’t attend your interview without basic preparation. The interviewer can easily determine whether you prepared or not.
  10. Try to ask some questions at the end when the interviewer asked you to ask for any questions, so that it leaves a good impression on you.

How to prepare for Infosys interview-Areas to prepare

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • SQL Queries- IMPORTANT : Types of SQL statements ,Basic SQL Queries,
  • Computer Networks- IMPORTANT : OSI Model and also error control mechanisms
  • Operating Systems- IMPORTANT : Scheduling Algorithms
  • Oops Concepts- IMPORTANT : All oops concepts and also Abstract class and interface.
  • And most importantly be prepared with every single word you mentioned in your resume.

So be prepared with all the concepts mentioned above. Because you will never know from where the question arises.

And also All the best guys. Prepare accordingly and rock your interview.