Importance of DSA

What is DSA? Why is it important

Welcome learners, Have you ever wondered why these data structures and algorithms are so important? Why should you use them? What is the need of DSA? Here you will know about the importance of DSA i.e. Data structures and Algorithms. You might have thought about how are these data structures and algorithms become so important in Programming. Many of us think about importance of DSA when we get to know about it. You can understand the importance of DSA slowly when you start using them and implementing them in your code. You will find the difference between writing a code with and without using DSA and It makes a lot of difference and have a huge impact on your code.

Let me tell you that writing a coding is a kind of art and It solely depends on you that how to turn your code into a beautiful and well understood one. And most importantly, everyone can write the code easily if they know some basics, but what you have to know is writing optimized code. Yes, now you may get an idea where this is going to, you are correct, DSA helps us to write an optimized code.

What is DSA?

DSA plays a vital role for all the learners who are willing to get a good job in MNCs and who are looking for a well paid job. DSA i.e. Data structures and algorithms are the two things which will entirely change your approach towards coding. Data structures are used to store the data in a specific format and Algorithms are nothing but the process which you implement in order to solve the given problem statement.

Why DSA?

Todays World contains a lots and lots of the data. When you need to deal with the data you must store it somewhere and Storing it doesn’t finish our work right? Because you need to fetch it whenever it is required and perform related operations on it in order to get insights from it. In what way you store your data have a lot to deal with how fast you can fetch and work on it. If you give your data a proper structure, we can easily perform required operations on it. Yes, structuring you data? did you get something? It is nothing but using Data structures, as the name suggests it helps you to store your data with proper structure and format with which you can easily fetch it and use it.

Why DSA is important?

DSA plays a very important role in reducing the time complexity of the code. A problem might have several approaches, but you must pick the optimized one in order to stand out of the crowd. You must be able to write a code which takes less time to execute for any problem statement given. You can achieve it through learning DSA. If you are having a proper knowledge on DSA, you will automatically habituated to write an optimized code. You will develop those skills which are required for decreasing the complexity of your code. You might be wondering that how is it possible?. Let me explain you with a real life example which you like the most.

Use in real-life

Let us consider Facebook, have you ever wondered how will it work in the background? and how can it show the mutual friends? and all. It is because of the DSA behind the code. For finding the mutual friends, can you guess what data structure is used?, It is graph, with the help of graphs we can work on the connections, and also have many more applications. In this way there might be several data structures used for several problems. Using proper and suitable data structure for your given problem will help you become master in finding efficient solutions.

How to learn DSA?

Once you are good in DSA, you can be master in any of the programming language. All you need to know is just the syntax and supporting libraries. Let me give you a small suggestion, learning DSA is not just reading about DSA or watching videos or explanations related to it, you must know how data structures work internally and how to deal with it. To do this, you must practice it , apply it , get hands on experience immediately after knowing about a data structure.


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