In-Built vs User-Defined: Which to prefer when and why?

Built-In methods
Image of Built-In Methods

This question is base on the programmer’s dependency because of agility. We as a noob start with In-Built methods because to cover the content of the problem quickly. But as a true coder you expect that you should redefine your own sense of coding.

In-Built methods

As we can see in the above image, there are certain in-built methods that can use efficiently. But as we know that to improve our programming skills, we prefer self define code over ready-made. So let us make a repo how a ready-made coder can be a self define coder. Conceptual Branding is an important aspect for every code in his or her life. We can easily make us of this attribute in our life to become a good coder. As a result, if you perform well that means you have overcome using ready-made methods.

When to choose In-Built and User-Defined?

This question is on upon how a coder deals with different sort of problems. If he has to consider certain test cases then he will not prefer user define. But he will go for In-Built methods. Similarly, if he want to, let’s say, code in short time, he can use In-Built methods. A smart coder if has a good speed and accuracy, he can even work with user define methods. As a result, if we see from placement point of view both are important. One shows your knowledge regarding the topic and other shows how much you have practice.

In-Built methods

But to be perfect in the understanding of the coding style, we must try building algorithms first then code. Actually, the algorithms decide the length of your code because most of the times space complexity matter. There are situations where one can solve same problem in 50 lines and other can solve in just 30 lines.

This is the reason try practising algorithms first and then go for certain different in-built methods. I know you will do it very easily. So all the best in your coding life.

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