Learn JavaScript by playing games

play and learn

java script
java script

javascript is one of the most popular languages in software indstry ,it has now become essential to learn espicially for web devlopment domain

Interactivity,visual appearence are the feature which javascript adds to webpage and help in communication with server

without javascript no company with web technology will hire ,to work as frontend devloper javascript is must

people feel javascript is somewhat difficult , to make it intresting we have some online games

learning by doing is a method which people enjoy specially playing online games

these games help to gain good knowledge in javascript

some games to learn javascript

online Games :


CodinGame is fun free game to help with 25 programming languages,

including JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP.

https://codingame.com/startcoding game


CodeCombat aim is to help tudents embrace learning as they

play and write code from the very start of their adventure.

https://codecombat.comcode combat


Learn JavaScript by playing a platform game:

Control a robot to collect coins, avoid obstacles and reach the flag at the end of the level. 


js root

Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga test JavaScript knowledge with challenge, it focus on moving an elevator in most efficient manner

this is really fun game to play and makes easy to learn javascript by playing games

play.elevatorsaga.comjs game

Crunchzilla – learn javascript by playing games

Crunchzilla offers interactive tutorials that get people excited about programming. Play with code, build, and learn.

crunchzilla.comlearn javascript by playing games


It’s an open-source game for programmers. You control your colony by writing JavaScript.

screeps -game-learn javascript by playing games
A game which enhances javascript learning


javascript helps to participate in more coding compitions ,hackathons etc


Code Wars helps you improve your skills by training in challenges with others. They offer a huge variety of languages, including JavaScript, Python and more.

learn javascript by playing games
js game



Learn with play

interactive concept

complexity made interesting and fun

employed for any level

fun learning for students

eliminates fear and boredom


Always remember consistency is the key you have to practice apply logic build projects to achieve

expertise in it and dont forget to learn javascript by palying games

Summary :

These are some of the websites to practice ,learn javascript by playing games

which enable you to understand javascript concept application better and can make you good programmer hope this helps you