Humanoid robots?

Yes! Heard it right,  

Humanoid robots, they are nothing-but, the representation of human as a machine, they are programmed to assign the characteristics of human. These robots has the ability to work more way efficient and smarter than human.

Evolution of Humanoid robots,

The first humanoid robot was created over 500 years ago, i.e. in 1495 by Leonardo da Vinci called Leonardo’s mechanical knight which was capable of imitating human movements such as sitting and standing, moving the hands and Raise its visor.

The sketch design of robot was rediscovered in 1950s.The robot was first displayed at court of Milan.


Followingly the functional robots were created in 1774 by the Swiss watch maker Pierre Jaquet- Droz, three automated doll’s a musician, writer and the draughtsman, they still work in museum. This was build and designed as an advertisement to improve the sales of watch.

The musician- is a customized as a female organ player, it would play the piano from its fingers. The draughtsman-is customized as a young child, it was capable of drawing four different images. The writer-it is capable to write up to 40 words.


Furthermore in 1800 Hisashige Tanaka created extremely complex mechanical robot, the working was more complicated than before, it was presented in London and also gave speech.

Again in 1939 the Electoral robot was presented at the world exhibition at New York, that could walk and speak up to 700 words and also could move its head and hand.

But that was not all, in 1954 the first digitally controlled and programmable robot ‘Unimate’ was invented by George Devol and this robot represents the foundation of modern robotics industry.

ASIMO the humanoid robot presented in 2000 and was remained as the most perfect humanoid robot in the world and was developed by Honda global.

The robot was able to recognize objects, sounds and faces, it would talk and interact with people as well, it was multifunctional mobile assistant, the last version of ASIMO was introduced in 2014 but it was closed.


In addition to this many companies build the real human structured robots.


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