Logical reasoning questions appeared in CAT 2007

  1. Suppose you have a currency, named Miso, in
    three denominations: 1 Miso, 10 Misos and 50
    Misos. In how many ways can you pay a bill of
    107 Misos?
    (a) 17
    (c) 18
    (e) 19
    (b) 16
    (d) 15
  2. A confused bank teller transposed the rupees and
    paise when he cashed a cheque for Shailaja, giving
    her rupees instead of paise and paise instead of
    rupees. After buying a toffee for 50 paise, Shailaja
    noticed that she was left with exactly three times
    as much as the amount on the cheque. Which of
    the following is a valid statement about the cheque
    (a) Over Rupees 13 but less than Rupees 14
    (b) Over Rupees 7 but less than Rupees 8
    (c) Over Rupees 22 but less than Rupees 23
    (d) Over Rupees 18 but less than Rupees 19
    (e) Over Rupees 4 but less than Rupees 5