LTI interview experience

Welcome Learners, in this post you will get to know about LTI interview experience. I’m going to mention several questions which are asked in LTI interviews. I personally collected information from the people who attended the interviews. Get to know about them and be prepared. Good Luck!. You can also refer to my posts Play simple games interview experience, Infosys Interview Experience – PP role.

LTI interview experience – questions

Several questions asked in interview(in their own words) are here below.

Experience – 1

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. About the project
  3. Why do you want to join IT company although being a EEE guy. (This is because I’m from EEE)
  4. OOPS concepts
  5. Also SDLC in software engineering
  6. What is Diamond model in inheritance
  7. About Cryptography
  8. And also about Constructors in java

Experience -2

  1. What is deadlock
  2. What languages are you familiar with
  3. Fibonacci series
  4. Inheritance
  5. Encapsulation
  6. About Static
  7. 1 Puzzle
  8. About pop() in python
  9. Method overloading and also Method overriding
  10. At last about Polymorphism

Experience – 3

  1. Introduction in the first place
  2. About Data structures
  3. Reverse using a stack
  4. Traverse of single linked list
  5. Indexing in Database Management Systems
  6. Also Integrity constraints of Database Management Systems
  7. Queries on primary key and foreign key
  8. Then Questions on project

Experience – 4

  1. Introduction and questions based on the intro
  2. Differences between HTML and HTML 5
  3. Questions on CSS
  4. Questions on OOPS ( from object to polymorphism)
  5. DBMS- ACID properties
  6. Difference between Truncate and delete
  7. Also code to Swap using only 2 variables
  8. Lastly, In depth questions on projects

Experience – 5

  1. Introduction
  2. About Project
  3. Inbuilt functions in c
  4. Why C language doesn’t support overloading
  5. Static and global variables
  6. And also SQL queries

Experience – 6

  1. Trending Technology familiar with.
  2. Technical language based questions.
  3. Java Architecture
  4. JVM
  5. Working of java program
  6. Questions on platform independent feature of java
  7. And also code Fibonacci in java
  8. Questions on Database
  9. Normalization
  10. And also about Joins

Experience – 7

  1. Oops concepts
  2. Joins and also SQL queries
  3. OSI model
  4. Round robin scheduling algorithm
  5. Also about Project
  6. Software Development Life Cycle
  7. Acid properties in DBMS
  8. Use of final keyword and finally block in java
  9. At last about Abstract classes

I hope you find much questions to prepare from this blog. Prepare well about all the topics mentioned here. Don’t miss any of the question. You can also refer more for coding preparation and SQL preparation.