Mobile Computing and It’s Trending Aspects

Mobile Computing and It's Trending Aspects
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INTRODUCTION : Mobile Computing and It’s Aspects

• Mobile Computing and It’s Trending Aspects : Mobile computing would be the human–computer interaction by the computer. Which was expected by the transported during normal usage. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software.

• Mobile means – was able to move or would moved freely or easily. Computing means-the use or operation of computers, “Computing on the move”.

Advance Mobile Technology

IMPORTANCE OF MOBILE COMPUTING : Mobile Computing and It’s Aspects

• Desire to have continuous network connectivity irrespective of the location.

• Mobile Internet Protocol is an extension to the Internet Protocol proposed by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

Most Trending


Mobile Computing and It’s Trending Aspects : With the facts that holographic and sound vibrations are the future. He has re-invented the computer through his design. From the images and information available, we can figure out that this futuristic. Gadget is as small as a bracelet, which you can wear or put in pocket. The proposed material is flexible and resistance, so that safety issues could be dealt with efficiently. Further material needs to be shape retaining and non-conductive and non-allergic and most important, heat resistant. All the aspects have been considered by designer and he it has suggested promising bio-plastic material ensure all these aspects. The concept will be very alluring, no doubt, but without the technical specifications. It has functional information it’s just like a hypothesis that is waiting for proof in get materialized.

Advancing Technology


An advanced “thin-film” flexible paper computer that has to be developed. Through collaborative efforts of researchers at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, and Arizona State University. Called Paper Phone, it has described as a “flexible I Phone”.

• “You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone. Flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.”

• “This allows natural bend gestures and interaction on the Paper phone. Display to navigate through maps, contact lists, or music play lists, in ways that resemble. How such content appears on paper documents,” he explains. “You fold or bend the page to move forward in a book. Now, with this device, you can do that on your phone, too.”Vertegaal says the invention will spark a major advance in interactive computing. Opening the path to a new generation of computers that are more lightweight and flexible.

Paper Phone

Natural Evolution of computing

Mobile Computing and It's Aspects 1
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• Increase in Productivity, Entertainment, Portability, Cloud Computing, Reducing paperwork, Eliminating redundant data entry, Improving data accuracy.


• Power Consumption, Security concerns, Quality of connectivity.


• Consumer Goods, Delivery & Route Sales, Government, Healthcare, Transportation, Emergency services, Credit card verification, Entertainment.


• Mobile Computing and It’s Aspects : With mobile computing, people can work from the comfort of any location. They wish to as long as the connection and the security concerns are properly factored. In the same light, the presence of high speed connections has also promoted the use of mobile computing.

• Being an ever growing and emerging technology, mobile computing will continue to be a core. Service in computing and Information Communication and Technology, Popular, User Demand, Size is shrinking.

New Technologies are been Created

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