National Environmental Issue

Life is beautiful, when our earth is beautiful.

Environmental issues beginning: (Environmental) In India, industrialization picked up in the 70’s and 80’s. However Along with it many organizations and agencies and departments have established; whose main job was to deal with the environmental issues. Moreover Among these agencies, there were governmental as well as non-governmental agencies (NGO). So for immediate and effective results.

Live life with pure air, water, and land

Also the government of India has passed many acts like:-

  • Environment Protection Act
  • Factories Amendment Act
  • Central Motor Vehicle rules etc.

“MAKE earth a better place to live”

How Functioning over environmental programs takes place:

The government of India provided sufficient funds for better functioning of the organization and departments. Moreover, Government has constituted Pollution Control Board at the national and state level. Subsequently these boards have been authorized to survey the area; and fix the responsibility. Also the guilty punished in the court. However, These boards can order for the closure of any factory if it is not properly disposing waste and causing pollution.

Major steps taken by government regarding environment issue.

Regional Environmental Issue:-

At regional or local level, a variety of steps have been taking by the government and NGO’s for the conservation of environment. for instance:

Role of local bodies:-

At local level, the municipality or municipal corporation plays a direct role in the waste disposal. So, A number of people have employed to pick the waste daily. Moreover Big litter bins have installed at different sites for solid industrial waste. Therefore, the sewage of the city has drained to distant parts from the city. Also proper treatment of liquid waste has done at treatment plants.

Role of Community:-

The role of community for the disposal of waste is important. Also people should not throw rubbish on the road or parks and avoid stagnation of water.

Moreover people should be able to distinguish between bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste. Bio-degradable waste is that which can be broken down by micro-organisms. As a result, it easily mix with the soil. It includes plants and related things like leaves, vegetables, fruits etc. But non bio-degradable waste includes plastic goods, polythene bags, synthetic clothes, metals etc.

Conclusion: (for environmental issues)

To conclude this, some of the goods produced, by the industries are not environment friendly. So we should buy only those goods which have made in an environment friendly way. Therefore if we stop buying things which are not environment friendly, the industries have to stop their production. But for better disposal of waste combined action from everybody is essential. No single agency or individual can complete this task. So It has to be a joint effort.

NOTE: hope this article will help you for better understanding of the topic. All the best!