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As we know, what is website?. Its merely a combination of web pages. It use url to navigate to the particular website and fetch information from it.

When we go deep into website , We could mainly divide web development into two primary section. We have to combine all the section to built a it. They are:
=> Front-end development
=> Back-end development

Front-end development

Front-end development is the initial part of web development. It deals with the interface of the websites. Its more like a bridge between the user and creator.

It plays a very vital part in web development. Because ultimately the websites made only for user. Its ultimately there for people’s usage.

Front-end development uses lot of tools like scripting language [ html, CSS, JS etc… ] , some UI/UX design, library of scripting languages like bootstrap.

Front-end development evolves with ages, Likewise in 1990s , the front-end interface are like group of boxes, In 2000s the div segmentation format raised. Right now, mostly interactive website made.

Today’s treads are responsive and interactive website are in its pinnacle. Because there are many electronic gadgets with internet access. As a result, more responsive websites are needed more.

Now-a-days animated websites excite user more. By using javascript more often and some library of javascript like Vue.js , react.js makes things easy.

Once we complete the front-end development, we could start preparing for back-end development. Thus the front-end development are the deciding factor of webs development.

Front-end and back-end development are the two sections of websites

Back-end development

After front-end development, back-end development is real implementation of websites. Back-end development gives the actual essence of website purpose.

As we know about static and dynamic website, In static web in 1990s there are no more work for back-end development. Because websites are just information showing entity.

In dynamic websites, the websites become interactive so it needs to show various dynamic web pages to various users. For that back-end of web need to interact with people.

Back-end plays a predominant role in automating the website’s work. Mostly now, its more of machine learning and artificial intelligence based.

Back-end deals with significant sections like server, database and applications. It fetches information from login database and authenticate it and sent back to server for further process.

Majorly, all the functionalities are set up by back-end. The success of websites rely on quality of back-end and wise usability. It even helps in security of websites too.

Back-end development is based on some languages like python, ruby and php. Mostly the CMS and frameworks like WordPress, cake php , drupal etc…