Process of manufacturing goods in Industries

Process of manufacturing goods in Industries
Industries are responsible Economic welfare.

Process of manufacturing goods in Industries: Industry refers to the large scale production of goods and services in an area. Natural resources and technology has combined to produce goods and services.

Process of manufacturing goods in Industries
More manufacture more growth.

 the manufacturing process, are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. The manufacturing goods begin with the product design; and materials specification from which the product made. These materials are then modify through manufacturing processes to become the required part.

Consequently, Manufacturing of goods involve 3 processes:

  • Assembly
  • Alteration
  • Extraction

a. Assembly:-

So assembly is the combination of parts to make the final product. As a result; For example a bicycle is assembled by joining various parts like wheel, handle, seat, chair etc.

b. Alteration:-

Further, extraction process removes one or more components from the raw material. For instance petrol has extracted from crude oil.

However, Besides these three; there are other processes also involved in the manufacturing. These processes vary from one industry to another.

Planning and Management helpful in Process of manufacturing goods in Industries:

So, planning has required at every level. for instance- at national level the government has key role to play and at individual level the management board role is vital. Therefore, at national level the government may adopt the policy of tax rebate to plan for rapid industrialization of an area. And at industrial level the management board plans according to the market trends and competition.

However, management supervisor monitors the overall production process. Also it coordinates the different sectors of an industry. The human resources managers arrange for the skilled laborers. Moreover production managers look after the production, marketing managers chalk out plans to sell the goods in the market.

Conclusion:(Process of manufacturing goods in Industries)-

To conclude this article, as industries play important to improve economic as well as social condition of nation. so we should try hard to promote more industries. Moreover for country’s welfare we should support our nations industries more.

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