In these times of technological boom, you might have come across many words like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Softwares, etc. But have You ever wondered what goes behind the making of such software which has made Human life easy?


So what is Programming or what are Programming Languages?

The computer doesn’t understand our language, so to convey a set of instructions to the computer, programming languages are used.
Computer’s think in binary i.e. in 0’s and 1’s.
In short these languages act as a medium of communication between the user and the computer.

Programming is a vast field to learn

High level vs Low level Languages

The program in languages are further classified into two types:-
Low-level vs High-level languages.

Low-level languages are closer to the computer hence they are difficult for you to understand, however, the advantage being that they are fast and provide accurate control over how the computer will perform.

High-level languages are closer to humans hence they are easy to understand, however, the disadvantage being that they take more time to convert it into machine code

Examples of Programming Languages

That is a plethora of languages to learn. Below are some most popular languages:-

C: The mother of programming languages. Main features include a simple set of keywords, no level system memory, etc

C++: A general-purpose language that has generic programming features and works on multiple platforms.

Python: It is a high-level language and very well suited for beginners.

Java: One of the most popular languages which is a mix of subject plus object-oriented programming.

Swift: The language used by Apple for the development of iOS and Mac OS software.

There are more than 700 programming languages to learn from.

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