Skills required for Hackathon

Things you should know before participating in Hackathon

Hackathons provide programmers/coders for to participate in the platform of coding and challenge themselves and compete with each other. But before participating in these types of coding competitions, you should know about the requirement and useful things about it.

Basic tips required in Hackathon:-

  1. Know About your Goals :- Crystalizing your goals well before the hackathon begins will help define your prep process, and help you manage your time when you’re there.
  2. Build a Team :- You can also participate solo but most of the competitions are in group so you have to choose your team wisely and manage it systematically.
  3.  Choose Your Project Wisely :- Some hackathons have a theme, others are more open-ended. Expertise the type of the competition and company organizing and then choose that type of project which is more compatible to it.
  4. Plan of Action :- Coding is the second thing always. First, there should be a proper idea of what to submit or we can say an algorithm. Remember, while Hacakthon rules dictate that all of the coding has to happen at the event itself, non-coding work can be knocked out in advance.
  5. TimeBox :- Get a general sense of who on your team will work on what, and approximately how long you expect it to take. Ensure you have some demo time to pitch.
  6. Skills :- After all of that Of course you have a knowledge of programming language or we can say coding. You should have atleast 2 strong languages you know which helps you in further competition to tackle all challenges.

The 3 most useful skills to teach at a hackathon

  •  Designing
  • Domain Expertise
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Project Management