Society- education- problems- challenges.
make the nation free from issues.

What are the newly existing challenges in the society?

Society-education-problems-challenges. Society’s Challenges-(Meaning):-In today’s world, our country is developing at all levels. with this development, new challenges are also arises with the same pace. And society suffers a lot. Changes are good for the society but as everything has its second side also, these developments also have came with its own problems. our Society- education- problems- challenges are co-related to each other.

“It is like double-edged sword”.

Challenges like:

  • Competition
  • Social media
  • Cyber crimes


Our country is growing so fast. All the people are also in a hurry. At this high time, society is full of opportunities, along with this due to large number of people are applying for the same. They faces a lot of competition. This create panic in the society. This results in loss of peace in the society. This create impact over students and our young generation. Due to this, many students faces depression, anxiety and other severe health problems. This leads the younger generation to intake of drugs and commit suicide. As a result day by day society becomes impatient. So this is a great matter of concern.

 Society- education- problems- challenges.

2.Social media:

Social media is such a platform through which people (even from far distance) can connect with each other. this is a platform where anyone can showcase their talents and free to express their opinions. this is also such great platform, but in this competitive world people doing competition over social media too. They are very worried about that how much people liked their posts, shared their posts etc. Moreover, the comments they got over their posts can decide their mood. Especially youngsters are main victims of it. Instead of caring about their career they are just busy in maintaining their social media image.

This is very sad that people are becoming slave of social media. people also become lazy. They do not able to fully flourish mentally, physically and career vise also. It is a kind of social drugs. people addicts with social media faces various health issues as well. People’s life is just confined to social media.

Society- education- problems- challenges.
Social media make the world non-authentic.

3.Cyber crimes:(Society- education- problems- challenges).

With the development of social media, people are equipped with gadgets. People’s personal information is recorded by various social media websites. Even people also sharing their financial transaction information. So through this, some people took the advantage of it. And commit various crimes through social media; such as financial frauds, misusing personal information, spreading hatred and terrorism, access government or company’s data etc. For such crimes people are not aware of it. Nowadays security is questionable.

cyber crimes are major threats to the world.

Conclusion: (our Society-education-problems-challenges).

By concluding this article-our Society education problems challenges, firstly maintaining the structure of society should be our primary concern. we must take major steps to develop our society and make it healthy. Now this is high time, we should have to go through all the issues of society and give our best to overcome them. We should not become blind. This is our duty and responsibility to make good image of society. The more we observe, the better we understand.

“Observation is the key to understanding”.

Note: hope this article will help you for better understanding about the topic. All the best!