Static VS Dynamic website:

We know, what is website?. Lets look at how websites are actually classified based upon the interactivity.

Interactivity on website

Actually, From 1990 website creation become new trend to world. From there website started to take a lot of variations especially in outlooks. Based on looks and interactivity , there are two main types of websites, They are:

=> Static website
=> Dynamic website

Static website

Its a basic version of websites. It is mostly used in early 1990s and also used for portfolio’s. Static websites are merely collections of web pages. Whereas it does not interact with user like forms. As a result of it , in today’s world it almost becomes extinct.

Dynamic website:

It is one of the most used types of website right now. Dynamic website overcomes all the advantages of static websites. It also the collections of web page and it is interactive with user very much. So instead of not being just information passing, websites became to automate certain things.

website are not only information showing entity

Things which make difference between static and dynamic website

  • In static website, no user information can be shared, But in dynamic website mostly forms are become very formal.
  • Dynamic websites used scripting languages and javascript mostly whereas the static website are made simply with typescript1.
  • We can’t have more animations in static website. But dynamic websites are way more colorful.
  • Dynamic website meets the need of company and it automate many works of people, whereas static websites are still using for showing texts.
  • Static websites shows the same interface to all the users. Unlikely Dynamic websites information will change based upon the preference of user and their previous actions
  • The complex need of database is needed for dynamic websites. But its not needed for static website ,since it doesn’t do anything on information sharing.
  • The continuous maintenance of website is very much needed for dynamic website but Static websites don’t need much attention.
  • Static websites are mainly focused on portfolios and for some functions only, Dynamic websites are mostly used for all sectors like banking, gaming etc.

At the end of the day, user experience and convincing notion will be the key for further modification of websites. We transformed immensely over the last 30 years and it will continue to do it too.

How will the future be:
The websites have changed from static to dynamic . Likewise, in future an another variation will take place , it will be on responsiveness. Since the we have many electric gadgets and screen also varies from one to one .Nowadays websites are designed to adapt to its screen size automatically.

Technology is the comfort driven work