The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car in Automotive Industry

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Hello Guys, today we are doing to discuss on the topic “The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car in Automotive Industry “. 

Automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors. Manufacturing companies are honestly trying to put best cars in use. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology is advancing rapidly due to an influence in Artificial Intelligence technology. The market of AR/VR has already become a billion-dollar market.  It’s projected to keep growing well beyond a120 dollar billion market within a few years.

Google is continuously blogging that their Cardboard is shipping over ten million units. So, it upgrades one’s smartphone to a VR viewer. Most of the companies are selling Playstation VR headset. The mainstreaming of VR is also leading to the rise of dedicated virtual reality development companies. Thus, more talent is getting interested in VR.

Study: The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Cars
The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car in Automotive Industry

There is huge demand in the automotive industry in today’s modern era. The growing market of app development for Car Infotainment Systems is projecting to exceed $35 billion by the end of the decade. With AR/VR becoming more mainstream, entrepreneurs can also start moving it into your car. Hence, creative minds like software developers will have an opportunity to conquer some of that market with new AR/VR apps.

Now, let’s see how AR/VR technology is helping the automotive industry deliver high-quality services and improve products. Hence, the examples will range from the industry side all the way to consumers, and VR developers.

The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car in Automotive Industry-Virtual Reality Showrooms

Usually, when we start exploring the market for a newVR based car, one needs to visit a dealership. The company shows themes different kinds of models. One needs to take necessary steps like checking driver seat, exploring VR car,etc. With the development of quality VR headsets, this technology is brought to any showroom, and it needn’t cost a fortune, either!

Audi is rolling out this technology for their cars with the Audi VR experience. They may soon also start offering pre-recorded virtual test rides so one can have the experience of driving the car. Hence,this also makes it possible to let your customers see future products.

Study: The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Cars
Virtual Reality Showrooms

Safety of Self-driving Cars

Currently, the biggest technological milestone in the automotive industry is currently the self-driving car. People are making progress towards this technology, but because of over-increasing accidents, safety is a major concern. Developers are starting to develop autonomous VR car which does not cause harm to people. Hence, safety of people is also being taken care of.

Testing software that controls the vehicle can be aided by AR/VR technology. Since, the car doesn’t wear a VR headset and doesn’t have to be driven around town for testing. So, its sensors are replaced by data streams simulated in VR.