Top 10 Most Viewed Taylor Swift’s Song

Taylor swift's image at award show

1. Shake it off

This Song recently crossed 3 billion views on YouTube with 10 million likes .This is the pop song and most viewed song of Taylor Swift . Almost 6 year ago this song was posted by Taylor swift on YouTube.

Image :- Taylor Swift’s song shake it off

2. Blank Space

Taylor swift second most watched song and one of the highest view song across YouTub .This song was dropped by almost 6 year ago. This song was break all records of YouTube at that time. Now this song is collected 2.6 billion views with 10 million likes.

Image :- Blank space Songs video image

3. Bad Blood

This songs video made it creative and amazing because of its huge cast like Selena Gomez , Gigi hadid and different big celebrities . This song is featured by Kendrick Lamar . This song video was droped almost five years ago. Now this song is at number third out of 10 of Taylor Swift’s songs with 1.4 Billion views and 7.6 million likes.

Bad blood video songs image

4. Look What You Made Me Do

This songs video is Taylor Swift’s most controversial video of all time. This song video was dropped 3 year ago. This song is one of the most liked video by audience. Now this song collected 1.2 billion views with 10 million likes on YouTube .

Look what you made me do video song’s image

5. You Belong With Me

This song is one of the most viewed song of Taylor swift. Taylor swift wins many awards from this songs video. This song was dropped almost 11 years ago and now this song is collected 1.1 billions of use with 6.4 million likes.

You Belong With Me video song’s image

6. Wildest Dreams

This songs video one of the most appreciated video of Taylor swift because of good lyrics and direction of video. This song is number 6 out of 10 with 732 million of views and 4 million likes.

Image from video song wildest dreams

7. Style

This song is the third track from Taylor swift 5th album 1989. This song was dropped in 2015 almost five years ago now this song collected 645 million views with 2.9 million likes.

style video songs image

8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

It was first song to reach no. 1 on billboard hot 100 as we know Taylor swift all song describes its break up with her then boyfriend this song is one of them.

This song was dropped in 1 September 2012 almost 3 year ago on YouTube after 8 years this song is collected 636 million views with 3.1 million likes.

WRNEGBT songs video image

9. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

This song track is one of the most like colab of Taylor swift with Zayn Malik this song was used in blockbuster movie Fifty shades Darker ‘s album.

Zayn image from songs video

10. I Knew You Were Trouble

This song was written by Martin max the rumour spread about this song was Taylor swift admit this song is about her ex Harry style . Now this song collected 464 million views with 3 million likes.

Images from songs video I know you were trouble