what is url?

URL stands for ” Uniform Resource Locator”. It is a unique identifier to fetch the required web pages on Internet. Its also known as web address. It mainly have five part in it.

In internet, IP address used to retrieve information from specific websites. Remembering the IP address for all websites are difficult for all, So URL system introduced. It helps to resolve this problem.

End users who types website address in search bar are url of the website. Its more like a hyperlink for the particular website.

URL is the name of website.

For example:
2.Linkedin for MechoMotive


By considering this http://mechomotive.com/ website. Lets gives the part of it.

The protocol

Protocol include https, https, ftp, smtp etc… It changes according to the usage. For example http uses for web products, while https used for secured web search especially for transaction purpose.

The host name or domain name

The specific name of the website is the host or domain name of website. It can be anything but unique. In this given example : mechomotive.com is the domain or host name.

Port name

This not visible in the structure, but surely takes a major part in it. The port name always follows by semicolon(:). By default ,port 80 is the most widely used in browser. But there can other ports too.


URL address has many symbols like question mark, ampersant symbol. If anyone search any questions it will have “?” in it. It mostly found in URL of dynamic pages.


Its the final part of URL structure. It shows the history the hyperlink which we gone through. Specifically its denoted in hash(#) symbol.


URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” whereas URI stands for “Uniform Resource Identifier”. URI are the collection of characters. Its used to identify the resource over the network. While it is responsible for navigating to the particular websites only.


URLs can transfer over the internet by converted using ASCII character set. Because it often contains not ASCII value.

Its easier for people to easily access the website instead of remembering hard ip address which almost have 8-12 numbers ranging from 0-255.