What is a private cloud?

Private cloud comluting

Private cloud:-It is a cloud dedicated to a single person within the high range of IT resources and high security

Advantages of cloud computing:-

  1. Acess control:-The consumer can have the accesible to all the resources
  2. Security:- it can provide high security through firewalls and internal hosting
  3. Elasticity:- In which the consumer has a availabity of the elasticity
  4. Performance:- provides high speed and accuracy with in the systems


  1. High cost:- for maintaining the security it requires more cost
  2. Restrictions:- It can be accesible with in the reGION
  3. Limited Scalability:- The more no of consumers or the consumer out of the organisation cannot acces the cloud
  4. Skilled Members:- For maintaing the security and other feauture we requires skilled workers

Some of the organization which uses:-

  1. HP Data Centers, Microsoft, Elastra-private cloud, and Ubuntu 
CLOUD COMPUTINGhttp://mechomotive.com/what-is-cloud-computing/