Working of website in real world?

working of website
website working in real world

Websites works different when its comes to real world. To know ” Working of websites in real world?”. We need see clearly on every small steps in website flow.

Lets explain this by taking an example:
Imagine , you are searching a website on your browser, It shows the result that the searched web on browser with all the function. It may look simple, but it needs to work a lot in back of screen.

Working of website in browser site

Lets start from browser, when search for the web in browser, we give url or Uniform resource Locator to search bar. But the browser isn’t aware of this url since computer is only aware binary system.

To know what the user typed, this browser first checked its cache, if the websites are frequently visited by user so that the IP address will be stored in Cache memory.

If website details aren’t cache, then the browser send this request DNS [ Domain Name System ] for IP to its equivalent website’s url. After the request, DNS server will give the response to browser containing the IP address of the it.

Working of website in server site

Now, our browser have IP of website, so it send a request to fetch the web information from web server respectively. Servers are kind of special of computer which stores all the files of it.

Once the server gets its request, the server gives the details to the request IP address so that request will be delivered without file since every device have its own IP address.

Along the website response, the server will also send important text file. The text file called as cookies. It will help the user to reduce the loading time once after user tries to access the same website again.

The response from the server and DNS servers are in the form of HTML file, CSS file , javascript file. Once the response is got, the browser will interpreted the file and shows the website as it supposed to display.

How internet works

On the umbrella terms, we consider internet is the gateway which helps the user to access with websites. But actually internet is the collection of servers that form a network.

When we search something on internet, if it isn’t present in one part of world if the search for that particular information from other server. It is done using the nodes.

In website the user information are stored in system using cookies. It is in text format which mostly used for advertising purpose. But its also used for tracking user’s information and credentials.