aws vpc networking

computer networking
cloud computer networking plays an imp role in the networking part

aws vpc networking:- in aws vpc networking there are many types of Gateway which we should follow in networking

They are 1. internet gateway 2. NAT gateway

  1. internet gateway:- it is a scalable , reducent , and highly avilability aws vpc networking allows you to communication between instances in vpc and internet

internet gateway servers have two purposes

  1. It provides target in your VPC route tables for internet-routable traffic
  2. to perform network address translation for instances that were assigne public IPv4 addresses.

2. NAT gateway:- enables in instances in a private subnet with the internet connection with the aws or console

Creation of NAT gateway:- for the first creation of the nat gateway we should reside public subnet with the NAT gateway

create a NAT gateway, you must update the routing table that’s associate with one or more of your private subnets to point internet-bound traffic to the NAT gateway.

VPC sharing offers several benefits:-

Separation of duties:- when controlled by vpc structure routing, and IP address, also the allocation point

Ownership:- although owners continue to own resources, also accounts, and security groups

security groups:- in addition with the sharing participants can reference sharing of the security of each other

NAT gateway services provide the availability of better availability, higher bandwidth, and less administrative effort.

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