Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021

Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021

Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021

Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021 Build end-to-end solutions for that delivers value by collecting data, managing security,hunting, investigating, and responding to!

Deadline: Oct 4, 2021 @4pm GMT

$19,000 in prizes495 participants

As organizations’ digital estate grows, so does the volume of security data. Per a  by Microsoft’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 76% of organizations report an increase which continues to keep growing. To shore up their enterprise have deployed dozens of security products, each producing a large volume of alerts. In these products may have high false positive rates and poor response resulting in alert noise. As a result, organizations report that 44% are never investigated. Part of the reason for these alerts to fall through the cracks is a shortage in security professionals. A CSO magazine showed that this global talent shortage will increase to 3.5 million security jobs by 2021.

This is where , enables organizations to achieve more by tapping into the scale and intelligence of the cloud to deliver instant value to, auto-scale to enterprise needs and improve effectiveness of operations using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automations.

Azure Sentinel provides a platform for security analysts and threat hunters of various levels to not only existing content like workbooks , playbooks , analytic rules, hunting queries, notebooks, etc. but also to build custom content and solutions as needed. , also provides for different types of applications to connect with Azure Sentinel data.

Azure Sentinel Hackathon 2021 Prizes

$19,000 in prizes

 First Prize

* $10,000 USD cash
* Blog post, social and banner the winning

 Second Prize

* $4,000 USD cash
* Blog post, social and banner the winning

 Runner Up (2)

* $1,500 USD cash
* Blog post, social and banner the winning

 Popular Choice

* $1,000 USD cash
* Blog post, social and banner the winning

 First 10 Eligible Submissions (10)

* $100 USD cash


Main Requirement

Works must be built for and can be in the form of one of the following project types:

Project Type 1:  like data , playbooks, rule templates, queries, notebooks, hunting queries, to deliver an end-to-end monitoring – response . These can fulfill:

  1. product value (like Teams or Zoom, etc.) and/or
  2. domain value (like, or networking , etc.) and/or
  3. industry value (like finance, healthcare, etc.).

Extra credit for including more and  content in the work.

These may be as an solution by following at

Project Type 2: That deliver value and / or can enable easy of content to . 

Project Type 3: Or one-off  works that include only a data or only or only rule templates or only playbooks or only notebooks or only hunting queries.


  • Include a text that explains the features and of the work and describe how the work could help using .
  • Submit a demo video ( on YouTube, ). Your video should include a demo of your working via a step-by-step demo.
  • Please submit at least one image of your work.

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