What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets

CSS stands for cascading style sheets which is a simply designed language with the intention to make the webpage presentable.
It handles the look feel of a web page. By using, you can set the color of the text, the spacing between paragraphs, the background images, and other effects.

How Does Cascading Style Sheets works ?

It brings style to the web pages by interacting with the HTML elements.
There are three types of this language with which we can work through HTML:-

External CSS:
External CSS contains separate files which contain only the properties with the help of tag attributes. They are saved as .css files and can be used to determine the appearance of a web page through just one file. In order to use an external file, your .html file must include a header section that links to the external style sheet.

Inline CSS:
Inline-styles are are codes return directly into HTML code and applicable only to a single coding instance. It allows you to apply a unique style to one HTML element at a time.

Internal CSS:
Adding the code into the head section of the HTML file is called internal CSS. The styling changes are applicable to every specific element found in the file.

Advantages of CSS:

Saves Time

Once written CSS codes can be used for multiple HTML files and can apply to as many web pages.

Superior Styles than HTML

It has much wider attributes than HTML so it can help look your webpage a far better look.

Pages load faster

While writing this code we did not need to write the HTML text every time which means that less coding means faster download times.

All in all, External style sheets are the most efficient method to use from the three methods mentioned above

So if HTML is the foundation, frames, walls, and girders supporting your website, consider it as the paint color, window styles, and landscaping that comes on afterward. You can’t get anywhere without putting that foundation up first, but—once you do—you’ll want to follow up with some style, and this language is the ticket to unleashing your inner decorator.

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