Cat quantitative aptitude 2021

Cat quantitative

Read the following and answer the questions that follow.
If 5 people are transferred from A to B and another independent set of 5 people are transferred back from B to A, then after this operation (Assume that the set transferred from B to A contains none from the set of students that came to B from A)

  1. What will happen to B’s average?
    (a) Increase if A’s average decreases
    (b) Decrease always
    (c) Cannot be said

(d) Decrease if A’s average decreases

  1. What can be said about A’s average?
    (a) Will decrease
    (b) Will always increase if B’s average changes
    (c) May increase or decrease
    (d) Will increase only if B’s average decreases
  2. At the end of the 2 steps mentioned above (in the
    direction) what could be the maximum value of the
    average of class B?
    (a) 25.4
    (b) 25
    (c) 24.8
    (d) 24.6

4 For question 14, what could be the minimum value of the average of class B?
(a) 22.4
(b) 24.2
(c) 25
(d) 23

5.. What could be the maximum possible average
achieved by class A at the end of the operation?
(a) 25.2
(b) 26
(c) 23.25
(d) 23.75

  1. What could be the minimum possible average of
    class A at the end of the operation?
    (a) 21.4
    (b) 19.2
    (c) 28.5
    (d) 20.25

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