Phable Full-stack developer Hiring Challenge

About Company Phable aims to impact 1.4 billion lives in India over the next decade. The Indian healthcare system is broken, and Phable works with all...
5 Best Hackathons

BEST 5 hackathons to practice your coding

Hackathons: We will talk about the best 5 hackathons after discussing what exactly is hackathon. WHAT IS A HACKATHON? A Hackathon referred to as a codefest, is a social...
Akaike Technologies Data Scientist Hiring

Akaike Technologies Data-Scientist Hiring

Akaike Technologies Data-Scientist Hiring ABOUT CHALLENGE We are now hiring Senior and Lead Data Scientists in Bangalore, Karnataka (remote work option available until December 2021). If...

HackerEarth ‘s August Easy for 2021

About Company HackerEarth is an Indian software company headquartered in San Francisco, US, that provides enterprise software that helps organizations with their technical hiring needs. HackerEarth is used by...
Hack This Fall

Hack This Fall 2.0: A 48 hours virtual hackathon

HACK THIS FALL Hack This Fall is a 48 Hours Virtual Hackathon where we aim to promote hackers and help them nurture their new ideas and prototypes...
Data Structures & Algorithms with C++ Programming: Hands-on Coding

What is asymptotic notations.and it’s types

Asymptotic Notations Asymptotic notations are mathematical tools to represent the time complexity of algorithms for asymptotic analysis. The main idea of asymptotic analysis is to have a measure of...

Simplilearn Fullstack Developer Hiring Challenge

About Company Simplilearn enables professionals and enterprises to succeed in the fast-changing digital economy. The company provides outcome-based online training across digital technologies and applications...


Hack-a-Teen is for the Fams that inspire to be an Entrepreneur or a Developer who wish to make a difference, and can solve any problem...
MuleSoft Hackathon

MuleSoft Hackathon 2021 eligibility, deadline and more

MuleSoft Hackathon The event i.e., MuleSoft Hackathon will run between September 13th 2021 - November 1st, 2021 and Your submission should address an interesting...