Cogito ‘s Intelligence Augmentation (IA) for AI




AI coaching that goes beyond traditional speech analytics. Cogito is the market leader in human-centred AI coaching, with over a decade of advanced R&D and hundreds of millions of analyzed phone conversations. Our unique combination of rich human behavior insights with real-time streaming natural language processing, unique to Cogito, allows us to combine the best of both worlds for a truer understanding of employee behavior and customer sentiment in real-time. 




Intelligence Augmentation (IA) in many ways is a much safer bet than AI for enterprise organizations. Instead of targeting the lofty and extremely challenging goals of artificial general intelligence (or machines that can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can), Intelligence Augmentation (IA) can be more narrowly focused on specific tasks that are much more achievable. As a result, integrating Intelligence Augmentation (IA) technologies into organizations is a wiser investment with a quicker ROI.




Main Prizes:


Special Prizes:



Cogito Corporation will conduct the AMA/Webinar to clarify any problem statement-related questions. This AMA/Webinar will be recorded and published on the hackathon microsite. Refer to the document below for the AMA/Webinar format.
For any platform-related queries, candidates can either use the discussion platform that will be available on the hackathon page or they can drop a mail to [email protected]

Total duration: 1 hour

1.  INTRODUCTION [ Duration: 10-15min ]

  • Problem Statement 
    • Background knowledge – Business/Technical explanation of the Themes name
    • Complete download of the Problem statements listed on the microsite
      •  Overview, Tasks, Example, Submission, Resources 
    • Explanation of resource(s) – provided under the theme
    • Overall ‘ask’ in simpler terms – Pain point to be targeted
  • Restrictions
    • Technology Stack (Ex: Data, AI/ML, Full-stack etc.)
    • Industry, use-case or environment
    • Product/API/service (Ex: Azure, NPCI-API, Jetbrains IDE, etc.)
      • Product usage details

 2. CALL TO ACTION [Duration: 5-10min]

  • Submission expectation –
    • Task to be implemented
      • Must have features [Minimum requirement]
      • Good to have features [Intermediate]
      • Extra effort [ plus point / brownie point]
    • Ex : Web/desktop/mobile (android, iOS) Application, API, Tool, Engine, etc.
    • Formats : apk, exe, xcode, zipped source code
  • An important part of the problem statement to be focussed on
  • Area of Innovation

3. GENERAL GUIDELINES [Duration: 5min]

  • Quick overview of 
    • General submission guidelines ( Submission fields, formats, necessary files, etc.)
    • Evaluation parameters (Idea + prototype)

(Shared over microsite and relevance to the given Problem Statement)

  • Tips, tricks, advice as a mentor

4. Q&A [Duration: 35mins]

  • Addressing all the queries / issues raised by participants
  • Giving relevant feedback wherever required
  • Team-wise query if required.
  • Quick going through the general FAQ for the particular HT

Resource:  Deck template for reference



AUG 06, 06:00 PM IST


AUG 22, 11:55 PM IST


16 DAYS 5H 55M

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