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Hello Guys, today let’s discuss the topic “Data Products at Scale”.

In Today’s world, over 800,000 businesses are using Artificial Intelligence for data products at scale. Hence, it has a number of applications in retailers and digital marketing. It can perform credit card frauds within seconds. 

You must have heard about shopify. Shopify is a cloud-based market channel commerce platform for customers. 

Ways Shopify retailers are selling online are :-

  • web 
  • mobile 
  • social media 
  • market places
  • brick-and-mortar locations 
  • Pop-up shops
Data Products at Scale
Data Products at Scale

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit cards are one of the most exciting things for a woman in today’s era. It is accelerating day-by-day due to ever-increasing demands of customers. But sometimes it happens that you have a lot of bills to pay. But you didn’t do this huge amount of shopping…. It’s a problem.. you fell into a trap. You call a credit card company seeking for a solution. But do you think you’ll get your money back? Since you’re seeking a solution from them and they have to investigate, they’ll charge you money. 

You have no option rather than paying them. After 6-12 months, you call them but to no avail. Hence, no action is taken by them, you’ll undergo double loss. 

Data Products at Scale- Building a data product on Ruby platform


  • Near real time evaluation 
  • it cannot block check out 
  • at scale 
  • accuracy of prediction

Data Products at Scale- Our biggest asset is data

  • Domain knowledge & understanding data are foundation for good initial model 
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in patterns enables maintaining the predictive value of the models
Data Products at Scale-altexsoft
Data Products at Scale


It is a scalable and rich-in-functionality solution. Hence, with Spree, you can build large e-commerce apps. So, it is an out of the box gem, which has numerous extensions. It also has third-party integrations to improve the functionality of your online store. 

Hence, integration support is also huge. 

Data Products at Scale- altexsoft
ML pipeline in production


Just like its parent framework, Solidus is open source. Hence, solidus has many similarities with Spree, but is known for the following high-level distinctions:

  • Production-ready stable code
  • Easier upgrading
  • Better integrations with third-party apps, hence data integrity is preserved