Determiners :

In order to complete the meaningful sentence we must have knowledge of parts of speech along with articles and determiners.

What are Determiners ?

Determiners are defined as the words that are used before a noun to ‘ determine ‘ or ‘ indicate ‘ whether something specific or particular is being referred to.

They comes before noun and highlights or point out them .

Examples of Determiners :

(a) These puppies

(b) My neighbor

(c) Any book

(d) A man

these , my , any and a are Determiners.

Difference between Adjective and Determiners :

(a) Spacious apartment

(b) that apartment

The word spacious describing the apartment .It is an Adjective , because it is describing a noun and telling about the quality of apartment.

The word that does not describe the apartment but specifies the apartment , it points out a particular apartment . It is determiner.

Therefore , Adjectives describes a noun and tells more about some special quality or how many whereas a A determiner points at a noun and tells which one .

Types of Determiners :

Determiners are of many kinds , they can be articles , demonstratives , possessives , quantifiers , distributives and interrogatives .

1) Articles :

The words a, an and the are called Articles . As they are the determiners , therefore they comes before the noun.

The articles , a and an are called indefinite articles while the is called the definite article.

Usage of article ‘a’ :

• Article ‘ a ‘ is used before singular countable nouns which begin with a consonant sound .

Example : a pen , a coin , a bag

• Article ‘a’ is used to show rank , community or a kind , class or species

Example : a monkey , a nurse , a student

• Some words begins with vowels when written but begin with consonant sound , here we use ‘a’

Example : a Union, a University

Usage of article ‘an’ :

• Article ‘an‘ is used before singular countable nouns which begins with a vowel sound .

Example : an umpire , an elephant , an owl

• Some words begins with a consonant when written but begin with a vowel sound when spoken , here we use an

Example : an honour ( h of the word honour is silent here)

Similarly , an MLA ( the consonant M is pronounced as em)

Usage of ‘ the ‘ :

• When we refers to a particular person or thing, unique things , famous , brands or certain group of words.

Example :

The boy laughed.

• lets go to the Talkies.

The Burj khalifa is tallest building in world.

the east , the rich , etc.

2) Demonstratives

The words like this , that , these and those which out to persons or objects close by or at a distance are called Demonstratives.

For example :

(a) This Table is not furnished well.

(b) That building has twenty five floors .

3) Possessives :

Possessive adjectives that show someone’s possession such as my , her , his , it’s , their and our , are called Possessives . Since they are the kind of Determiners therefore they are used before noun.

Examples : my sister , his name , her husband

4) Quantifiers :

Those determines which tells us something about the number or quantity are called as Quantifiers .

Examples :

(a) Words such as much , many , a few , most , cardinal numbers ( one , two , three) and none .

(b) many gems , several plants , much sorrow, some advice .

5) Distributives :

Those Determiners that show distribution are called Distributes .

Examples : Words like either, neither , each and every .

• Each is used with a singular verb when limited number of persons are considered individually with emphasis on the individual.

Every is used with singular verb when a large number of persons or things are considered individually.

Either is used with a singular verb meaning anyone of the two or each of two.

Neither is used with a singular verb meaning not one or the other.

(a) Each player of basketball team played his best.

(b) Every student must bring their Sports kit tomorrow.

(c) You can take either of the pen.

(d) Neither book explains the concepts of quantum mechanics in detail.

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