Every Software Engineer Should Know These Things

Engineers are well-known for being multiskilled with the ability to do multitask. None the less, it is their job that demands these kind of personality from them and they need to maintain these qualities so that they can be at the apex of their respective fields. When a company interviewes you, they want you to be good at mathematical logic, programming language and many more. Besides these skills, always learning something new, evolving your skills so as to maintain a proper pace with the ongoing as well with the upcoming innovation & technologies is also essentially required in an engineer. And of course being a software engineer or programmer comes with a universal perk: high starting packages and privilege to work remotely with other talented and efficient engineers.

If you are a data analyst, software engineer then you need to be familiar with the following things :

1.Understanding customer’s business

2.Communication skills.

3.Programming languages and scripting


5.Cloud computing

6.Source controls

7.Test your code

8.Team work and management

9.Improve your code(write code and improve your code with market demand)

10.Keep learning

1.Understanding customer’s business:- Most important thing you should remember while coding a website or application is, thousands of people will be going to use that and you just cannot make it without knowing the requirements and demands of the market .You have to know about ‘What’ and ‘How’ of your customer’s business, then only you would be able to write efficient code for them.

2.Communication skills:- When you are working as a team , you need to be very clear to express your ideas and thoughts. A team project is not just the responsibility of team manager, every team member is assigned with certain tasks . That person should justify their works with understandable language in a much better way with good fluency and work as well on body gestures. It reflects the confidence and positivity of your personality.

3. Programming language and scripting:- Programming language skills is the utmost basic thing required for a software engineer.You should at least need to know about one high-demand langauge like python , Java ,c++, PHP and many more.

4.Database:- You should be familiar with database ,and also should know how to manipulate data . Try to write multiple queries to retrieve the data as per your application’s need. There are many like oracle ,MySQL, etc.

5.Cloud computing:- The clouds provides organization with many advantages such as improved and increased scalability, reduced cost, improved flexibility.

6.Source controls:- Source control improves development process as it allows different team to work on same project in parallel.

7.Test your code:- It is the most important part of coding, you have to be a good debugger. Also you must have good knowledge of time and space complexity .

8.Team work and management :- As we discussed earlier , team work is must for engineering job. Learning basic concepts of project management skills make it easier to organize your work and a team smoothly.

9.Improve your code:-The world is changing daily and very rapidly. According to the flow of that development your code should not be outdated. So find changes in it and update your code frequently.

10.Keep learning:- It is said that a human is learner until he/she dies. This statement fits very perfectly for any engineering field. You have to learn new skills so as to embrace with all the challenges that you faces time-to-time within a competition. The competitor with old skills won’t be able to cope up with the new problems which demands for some new skills. So to stay in a competition, you need to upgrade yourself with new competitive skills. Hence the well-known statement, “Old is Gold” won’t be applicable in this case. Even gold is also needed to be polished after some period, so as to maintain its lustre.