General Machine Design Procedure

machine design procedure

General Machine Design Procedure is a successive topic on the previous post where we have discussed on Types of Machine Design and Methods of Creating Design. However, In this topic we discuss about steps to design a product, and in coming up with a machine part, there is no rigid rule, however, the final machine design procedure to resolve a style downside is as follows:

Recognition of need in general machine design procedure

In the machine design procedure, Firstly we have to build an entire statement of the matter. Indicating the need, goal, or purpose for which the machine will be developed.


Select the potential mechanism or cluster of mechanisms so that it can provide the required motion.

Analysis of forces

Find the forces working on every member of the machine and, therefore, the energy transmitted by every member.

Material choice

Select the fabric best suited to every member of the machine certainly.

Design of parts (Size and Stresses)

Find the scale of every member of the machine by considering the force working on the member and, therefore, the allowable stresses for the fabric used, and It ought to be unbroken in mind that every member must not deflect or deform the permissible limit.


Modify the scale of the member to trust the past expertise and judgment to facilitate manufacture and the modification can also be necessary by the thought of producing to scale back overall value.

Detailed drawing

Draw the elaborated drawing of every part and, therefore, the assembly of the machine with the complete specification for the producing processes advised.


The part, as per the drawing, is factory-made within the workshop.

Unit system in machine design procedure

Fundamental Units

The measurement of physical quantities is one of the necessary operations in engineering. Here each quantity is expressed as fundamental units. Which are arbitrary but widely recognized.

fundamental units in machine design procedure
Fundamental Units

Derived Units

Some units are expressed in terms of other unitshat units are derived from fundamental units, are refer to derived units, e.g., the unit of space, velocity, acceleration, pressure, etc.

Derived units
Derived Units

System of Units

The four commonly used and widely recognized unit system. These unit systems are illustrated as: