GovTech Hackathon 2021

GovTech Hackathon 2021

GovTech Hackathon 2021

GovTech Hackathon 2021 Whether you are creative thinkers, problem solvers, subject matter experts and/or coders, join us this October 8-10th at our GovTech Hackathon to think through and build innovative solutions to challenges that will transform Pakistan in the areas of Education, Health, Climate Change, Mobility, Travel & Tourism.

Deadline: Oct 10, 2021 @ 9:00pm PKT

Durshal, PeshawarPublic
PKR500,000 in prizes95 participants




This year, the GovTech Challenge will be held in Durshal — a project of KPITB — in Peshawar Pakistan. The Hackathon itself will be a HYBRID event, meaning you can participate virtually — no matter where you are in the world — or in person, provided you have proof of vaccination.

Our Hackathons bring together a mix of technologists, designers, urban planners, social scientists, NGOs and CSOs, and government officers to approach and solve social and civic problems in a new way, using technology, data, and digital tools. If you have a great idea that can create a positive impact in your community and address pressing challenges or have skills in web/mobile development, design, mapping, data analysis, research, subject matter expertise in the civic space, then let us know you’ll be joining us. We’ll have all the mentors and experts lined up and ready to help you think through your solution.

GovTech Hackathon 2021 PRIZES

PKR500,000 in prizes

 1st Place

PKR 250,000

 2nd Place

PKR 150,000

 3rd Place

PKR 100,000

GovTech Hackathon 2021 REQUIREMENTS

When you’re ready to enter your submission, go to home page and click CREATE A SUBMISSION. You can also start this process and save a draft of your submission as you’re working on it.

  • Make sure your code is fully functional and deployed on the server shared by the organizers; it compiles and runs without any major issues.
  • Make sure to include good screenshots.
  • Write a clear, detailed description of your application.
  • Include the link to the public GitHub repo.
  • Include the link to the deployed product site.
  • We recommend not creating presentation slides, but instead focusing all your time on creating a functioning demo.
  • On the submission form, list all your team members by their DevPost usernames.


  • Development
    Was the project developed entirely during this hackathon?
  • Relevance
    Is the solution relevant to the problem and targeted theme?
  • Innovation
    Does the solution employ innovative use of technology?
  • Effectiveness
    How many relevant people will be affected by this solution?
  • Sustainability
    Does the team have a plan for the sustainability of the project?
  • Completeness
    How functional and complete is the developed prototype?
  • User Experience
    How is the user experience and feel good factor?

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