Improving retention rate for new employees.

Case study on retention of employee using data analysis

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Case study on Improving retention rate for new employees using data analytics.

Being a people analyst involves using data analysis to gain insights their work lives. In many companies that employees are not familiar with work culture. This in turn affects the progress of company. Here is case study how company can improve employees retention rate.

Why is analysis important?

The insight you gain from data analysis used to define more productive workplace. Analysis will empower company culture. This will help newly joined employees to unlock their potential motivating them to give their best. This will ensure a fair and inclusive company culture. And improve retention rate for new employees.


Ask effective questions and collaborate with managers and leaders.


To meet the time line development specific questions. Questions on boarding, hiring processes and overall compensation.


This phase involves cleaning of data and protecting it. Upload raw data on internal warehouse.


Prepare the documentation of data collected. Avoid having errors and duplication in data.


Share in data collected and analysed the outcomes to stakeholders.


Implement changes and take action based on findings.


Data analysis is important for every organization. To improve work culture and get maximum insights from employees. The six applied phases are – ask, prepare, process, analyze, share, act. This analysis help organization improve retention rate of employee. The analyst found that company had complicated hiring process. The newly joined employee and trouble in getting familiar with technology used. This was the reason behind retention rate of employee.