JDBC Drivers: For Better Database Connectivity

JDBC Drivers

JDBC drivers are the most used and efficient drivers to connect two ends. There are many ways one can use database in terms of data storage and access. One main thing why people use this because of it’s flexiness. These JDBC drivers are a good component to connect to database. One small problem is that we have to have it on every machine. As a result, it comes under disadvantage of using this.

JDBC image

But from the above image, we can see that there’s an API which has to be in use for action. But our Java app will use the JAR file to connect with backend. This improves the communication port. And after the connection, it sends the request to database. This is the most common way to use in projects. For college students and those who want their projects done, for them JDBC is very efficient way.

Architecture of JDBC

JDBC architecture image

From this diagram, we can see that there is a good flow maintaining the process of driver. On first place, we have Java app and then it sends request to JDBC API. As a result, request gets accepted and the API functions start processing bits. As a result, it sends the request to the Driver Manager part. Now as we can see, there are 3 sub parts in it. Because under the JDBC driver part we will have the name of the databases. These are very popular and in most use namely Oracle, SQL server.

ODBC data source is the place from where we can extract the data. Data source is the place where we can get the data we want to use it in our app.JDBC-ODBC bridge driver and Native-API driver are the most in use drivers. And as a result, we have some more like Network Protocol driver, Thin driver.

So as you can see that first point denotes that it’s easy to use. As a result. this is the main reason many students prefer this JDBC drivers to use. This allows easy connect ways and makes save time for most of the students. In general, at college level, this is more used in full stack projects.

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