Measures for promoting National Unity

Measures for promoting National Unity
live together grow together. feeling of oneness.

Measures for promoting National Unity-In every society; there is need to promote unity and understanding amongst the people of that society. Without national unity; even the law may not be able to shape the lives of people effectively. therefore, are various measures taken to promote it as follows.

  1. Removal of social and economic disparities.
  2. Role of educational institutions.
  3. Patriotism
  4. Other measures (National Unity)
Measures for promoting National Unity
United we stand, divided we fall.

1.Removal of social and economic disparities:

It is far more important to ensure stability and strength of the Indian nation. In order to achieve stable unity of Indian nation, it is necessary that we recognize and appreciate the diverse elements in our social, religious and cultural life. So we should have to try to solve all those special issues faced by religious and linguistic minorities; through a spirit of understanding and consideration.

2.Role of Educational Institution:

Education is also one of the integrating tool. Educational institutions can therefore play a significant role in promoting national unity. School should create in the impressionable minds of the youth, a sense of nationhood; which would transcend local, regional, religious or linguistic loyalties. Therefore it is needed that the head of institutions and other teachers should be living example of integrated personalities. Moreover free from religious bias.


Patriotism is the love for ones nation. This is one of the major tools for promotion of national Unity, A patriotic citizen will avail himself to be used as an instrument for creating germain policies for national growth. A patriotic citizen will be willing to die for his own country, and also hold sacred the unity of his country

“Practice is always better than percept”.

4.Other Measures: (Measures for promoting National Unity)

It is also important that the government and other national agencies have taken some positive steps to strengthen the social and cultural unity of the country. Moreover various communities through promotion and propagation of literature and arts from all parts of the country should promote national unity. Also study of Indian struggle for freedom can be equally inspiring to various religious, regional and linguistic communities.

Conclusion: (Measures for promoting National Unity)

To conclude this article, we should find numerous factors through which we can create awareness of national unity. Because if we are unite nation wise then we are strong enough to face any challenge. So this is how taken Measures for promoting National Unity.

NOTE: hope this article will you for better understanding the topic. All the best!