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Combined 3D scanner and robotic arm automate scanning. Optical 3D coordinate measuring machine.

Metrology is the scientific study of measuring, the primary definition of units of measuring, second the realisation of those units of measuring system, and last traceability, that is linking measurements created in follow to the reference standards.

Metrology is used for several functions, counting on multiple variables together with the aim of the study or project. Commonly, the construct of scientific discipline to qualify, verify and validate take a look at knowledge. scientific discipline is commonly miscommunicated as merely the science of mensuration.

Best Example of metrology is production of products for manufacturing industry, the testing and designing of product, functions of manufacturing machines.

Main Objective of metrology :

1.To provide accuracy to product at minimum cost

2.To check the components of product are in specified dimensions

Types of Metrology-

1)Industrial Metrology-

Purpose Industrial metrology is to make sure that instruments, utilized in a large kind of industries, area unit functioning properly. associate degree example of this sort of science could be seen within the production of product for the business business, the testing and coming up with of craft, the functioning of enormous machinery, or maybe in factories exploitation rotating instrumentality throughout the producing of their product.

2)Scientific Metrology-

This form of science deals with the organization and development of measure standards and with their maintenance. As you would possibly expect, scientific science is deeply attached analysis and new technologies for industries regarding government, healthcare, and analysis for industrial merchandise.

3)Legal Metrology-

Concerned with the measurements that influence economic transactions, legal scientific discipline may be a terribly refined style of scientific discipline. This field doesn’t use physical tools because the different fields of scientific discipline. Instead legal scientific discipline focuses on the shopping for and merchandising of materials for economic studies. Also, legal scientific discipline may also be used for enforcement fields.