Multimedia communication

Multimedia communication
Multimedia communication

Multimedia communication deals with the transfer, protocols, services, and mechanisms of discrete media data and continuous media data over digital networks.

It can be recorded for playback on computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices, either on demand or in real time (streaming). In the early years of multimedia, the term “rich media” was synonymous with interactive multimedia. Over time, hypermedia extensions brought multimedia to the World Wide Web.

Web-based communication is the fast way to connect with audience round the world. People around the world can receive the published page on the internet and the targeted audience can automatically select the page through their search. The target audience can see the website whenever and wherever it’s suitable for them. 

Web-based information is hassle free. If there are any technical issues, businesses can hire other businesses to handle your web page and you can pay them for doing the right job. However, if your business is widely spread or theirs an IT technician available, they can handle the page with extra pay. One of the main advantages of web-based information is that you can access it anywhere.

Types of communication:

  1. Text Materials.
  2. Photographs and Other Still Images.
  3. Audio Files.
  4. Video Presentations.
  5. GIFs and Other Forms of Animation.

Benefits of multimedia learning:

  1. Deeper understanding.
  2. Improved problem solving.
  3. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing.
  4. Increased positive emotions.
  5. Access to a vast variety of information.
  6. World exploration.

Disadvantages Of Multimedia Communication:

Multimedia presentation can be lengthy due to the fact large files like videos, audio, documents etc. And can take time to go through. This also includes storage as large files (video and audio) merged in the presentation. So you have to use a computer with large storage. While making a presentation which includes audio/videos, it can be complicated to upload and set it right whereas verbal/written communication is straight forward.