MVC [ Model View Controller ] and its flow.

MVC for websites
MVC used to create websites in easy manner.

MVC is modern technique of creating websites. In this digital age, many complex web app, complex web action begins to happen. So instead of doing everything, we could use MVC.

MVC stands for ” Model View Controller “. In this, all the elements of website have taken a part. Starting from User Interface, server to database. Moreover it a complete package for creating a site.

Its a design concept in web, in which separate logic created for all element, because of this, its more organized. Its easy and highly extensible to any new features.

Elements of MVC

As the abbreviation says, it mainly has three important element in it. They are:
1) Model
2) View
3) Controller


Its primary element in MVC, since user interact with software only through this element. With the help of router the request from client is directed to this controller.

Moreover its only element which communicates with model and view. Any information from both element could only transfer through this.


Model acts like database in traditional website. Moreover its responsible for fetching all the data from database to controller. In addition to this, all the back-end activity are carried out by model.

It helps to perform action like create, delete, update, post everything in model section. As a result of this, more precise response will be shown in view.


Above all, each work happen in backend of web only. But view deal only with User Interface. All the data which manipulated in model is displayed through view.

It handles the data representation in effective way. Its mostly in html, css, javascript file as response from controller. View only communicates with controller to get all information.


MVC – Its a test driven software, because of this its highly testable. Moreover its easy and frictionless framework in web. In addition to this, it extensible and pluggable framework.

MVC provides rapid and faster development. In contract with other method of website development, its three times more faster in action than that method.

In MVC, multiple model can given to single application. Moreover, in this method, Code duplication is very limited because it separates data and business logic from the display.