National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh
Preservation of species is necessary to secure the various lives on earth.

National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh :-

National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh
Preservation of species is necessary to secure the various lives on earth

Madhya Pradesh is rich in forest wealth. Almost 30% of the total land is covered with forests; in which variety of wild animals have found. However, black buck, leopard, chinkara, monkey, blue bull, spotted deer, sambhar, tiger, bear, alligator, crocodile, turtles and the great Indian bustard are the main wild animals and birds of Madhya Pradesh. Therefore, National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh had developed to provide save habitat for them. So, these are a secure place for all species of wildlife.


Distinguish between national parks, sanctuaries and biosphere reserve: (National park- Sanctuaries Madhya Pradesh)

  1. National parks
  2. Wildlife Sanctuaries
  3. Multipurpose biosphere reserve

1.National parks: (National park- Sanctuaries Madhya Pradesh)

A national park is relatively a large area, where different ecosystems exist. Exploitation and purchase prohibited in this region. Moreover, For special scientific, educational and recreational interests plant and animal species with their geomorphological sites and habitats have preserved here. However hunting, grazing and human interference have totally banned in national parks. Above all national park is a natural park in use for conservation purposes, created and protected by national governments.

Survival of animals is necessary for all, so their protection is our responsibility.

Importance of national parks:

  • National parks protect places of natural beauty.
  • National parks provide safe place for native animals.
  • They help in keep the air and water clean.

2.Wildlife sanctuaries:

A wildlife sanctuary is similar to a national park. But it has dedicated to protect wildlife and conserve species. Also here without permission hunting has restricted in a sanctuary. But grazing and regular movement of cows and other animals has permitted. So human activities have allowed in a sanctuary. Moreover sanctuaries promise to take in and care for any animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and to keep them for life.

If you like shoot the animals do it with a camera not a gun.


Importance of wildlife sanctuary:

  • The foremost reason for wildlife sanctuary is that they protect the endangered species.
  • wildlife sanctuaries have importance in various ways as ecological , economic and investigatory importance as well as conservation of biological diversities etc.
  • provides a stability to different processes of the nature.

3.Multipurpose biosphere reserve:

Multipurpose biosphere reserve are the areas to preserve the biodiversity, plants, animals and microorganisms together. These natural areas are suitable for scientific study. Human interference is not allowed in this area. Also these reserves not only protect the flora and fauna but also the humans inhabiting. Biosphere reserves are nominated by national governments and remain under the sovereign jurisdiction of the states where they are located. Moreover, Biosphere reserves are ‘areas of land and marine ecosystems or a combination, Therefore, internationally recognized within the framework of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) program.

Keep the surrounding healthier and we will be automatically wealthier.

Importance of multipurpose biosphere reserve:

  • These such biosphere reserves also help to promote sustainable development.
  • Also they provide the practical way to resolve the conflicts arises on land.
  • Therefore they are important to maintain the biological diversity.

“life on earth will be unimaginable without flora and fauna”.

In conclusion: National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh;

National park- Sanctuaries MadhyaPradesh are important from every point of view. So we have to make sure that at each state there should be some national parks, sanctuaries and biosphere reserve to preserve the plants, animals and various species.

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