National Unity

National Unity
The country will become great only, When UNITY will become our identity.

National Unity:-The general idea of a nation is a group of people living; under the same political order in the same day. So the acceptance of a certain political order in, more or less. Also a general way and sharing of common citizenship; are the two important conditions of nationhood.

National Unity
we are one, we are Indian.

However there are various other characteristics also; which contribute to the formation of strong and stable nation. So It can be

  • geographical compactness of the state.
  • a common history.
  • unity of cultural life.
  • religion and language.

But nowhere the nation exist in the whole world which possesses all these characteristics at the same. There are many nations which do not have common history. Moreover citizens maintain different faiths and speak different language.

Now let us examine how far we Indians fulfill the various conditions.

Different types of National Unities:

Therefore, there are majorly three types of national unities:-

  1. Geographical Unity
  2. India’s Common History
  3. Cultural Unity

1.Geographical Unity:

India is one of the few countries in the world; furnish with natural boundaries. Similarly, we have impassable ranges of Himalayas in the north and north-east. Also have sea in the south, south-east and south-west; which constitute the most sharply defined natural boundaries. Moreover we have artificially well defined boundary between ‘India and Pakistan’. So, they are equally natural barrier too. Therefore, Geographically speaking no other country has perhaps better qualified to be a ‘country’. India also has all the natural resources, necessary for development of a balanced economy, which can make her self-sufficient.

National Unity
East or west India is the best.

2.India’s Common History:

India’s common history is also one of the factor which binds the people of India together. And most of the people who came to India from other part of the world, have been living with the original inhabitants for thousands of years. So, the gradual process of incorporate had made them an integral part of Indians. During 200 years of British rule also, they had suffered the same lot. Therefore they also passed through the same political and economic bondage and economic exploitation by the same foreign power. So they together faced a lot of things.

our history makes us realize how we suffer a lot together.

3.Cultural National Unity:

Culture is a sense of ultimate values possessed by a particular society. And also expressed in its collective institutions, and by its individual members in their feelings, attitudes and manners. So these characteristics have shaped and influenced by various factors like the physical and economic factors are important among them. India is a vast country, so we come across various variety in her landscape, climate and life situations. As a result, Indians have been mentally tuned to accept differences, divergence and diversity; without much difficulty. Therefore they have been tolerant of customs, conventions and beliefs, different from their own.

National Unity
united we stand.

“A long thread of national unity can bring the large number of people closer”.

Conclusion: (National Unity)

To conclude this article, we should find numerous factors through which we can create awareness of national unity. Because if we are unite nation wise then we are strong enough to face any challenge.

NOTE: hope this article will you for better understanding the topic. All the best!