Present Value of an Annuity

future value of an annuity

This is an ordinary general annuity followed by an ordinary simple annuity. The exponent \(N\) compounds the periodic interest rate in accordance future value of an annuity with the number of annuity payments made. For example, assume there are two end-of-year payments at 10% compounded semi-annually.

Note that you do not end up with the same balance of $3,310 achieved under the ordinary annuity. Placing the two types of annuities next to each other in the next figure demonstrates the key difference between the two examples. There will then be multiple time segments that require you to work left to right by repeating steps 3 through 5 in the procedure. The future value at the end of one time segment becomes the present value in the next time segment.

Calculate Present Value of Future Cash Flows

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future value of an annuity

That is, assuming a balance of $10,000, the interest earned for January will be the same interest earned for February given the same interest rate. Find the future value of an ordinary annuity that pays $150 per month for 15 years at an interest rate of 10% per year compounded monthly. Before we get started, let’s take a look at the two types of annuities.

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The agreement is a contract that transfers the risk from the individual to the insurance company, or annuity issuer, says U.S. Annuity issuers make their money by keeping a part of the investment income, which is referred to as the discount rate. Adapting the ordinary annuity future value formula to suit the extra compound creates Formula 11.3. Note that all the variables in the formula remain the same; however, the subscript on the FV symbol is changed to recognize the difference in the calculation required.

How do I use the future value of an annuity formula?

This formula can be used to solve any number of different problems concerning annuities. If you know two of three variables, you can use this formula to determine the third. Typically, you would be given two of the three variables and asked to solve for the third. However, you can also use this formula if you know the interest rate and period number to calculate your periodic payment. Then, use that payment amount in order to determine how much money will accumulate over a given number of periods.

In addition to using annuities to fund retirement, you might also annuitize payments if you find yourself holding a winning lottery ticket. One key concept to understand when purchasing an annuity contract is the difference between present value vs. future value.