Punctuation :

This is the most simple and important part of the English language composition . Among many , only few of us uses the punctuations in an appropriate manner .

Let’s know about Punctuation in detail.

What are Punctuations ?

Punctuation marks are used to put pauses in a written sentences or a passage to communicate the intended meaning better and clearly.

Read the following sentences :

(a) Rohan has composed a music .

(a statement ending with the full stop )

(b) Rohan has composed a music !

(An exclamatory sentence with an exclamation mark)

In the above Sentence it is clear that the position of punctuations is very important , because same group of words can be used to make a statement or to express surprise.

Similarly , the changes in position of punctuations changes the thought or meaning of the group of words.

Important punctuation marks & their symbols :

Punctuation markSymbol
• Full stop( . )
• Comma( , )
• Semi colon( ; )
• Colon( : )
• Question mark( ? )
•Exclamation mark( ! )
• Inverted commas(” “)
• Apostrophe( ‘ )
• Dash ( – )

1)Full stop ( . )

• It marks the greatest pause and separation.

Usage :

• to mark the end of statement , a command , a request or an instruction.

• Use a full stop after an abbreviation .

Examples :

• Bhopal is a City of lakes . ( Statement)

• P.M. ( Prime Minister )

2) Comma ( , )

• It represents the shortest pause.

Usages & Examples:

• To Separate a series of words in the same construction.

e.g., Ram , Laxman , Bharat and Shatrughan.

• a comma is not generally placed before a word preceded by and .

• to separate each pair of words connected by and

e.g., Romeo and Juliet , Laila and Majnu were the ideal couples.

•to mark off a noun or phrase in apposition

e.g., Milton, the great English poet , was blind.

3) Semicolon ( ; )

• It represents a pause of greater importance than that shown by the comma.

Usage and Examples :

• It separates pairs of words .

e.g., Cease , seize ; board , bored are homophones.

• to separate a series of loosely related clauses

e.g., God gave her peace ; her land reposed .

• to separate the clauses of Compound sentence , when they contain a comma

e.g., He was a brave , large – hearted man ; and we all honoured him.

4) Colon ( : )

•It represents more complete paused than that expressed by the semicolon.

Usage and Examples :

• To introduce a quotation

e.g., Teacher said : Honesty is the best policy

• to introduce a list

e.g., I purchased : a comb , a juice can and a pen.

5) Question Mark ( ? )

Usage and Examples

• at the end of the interrogative sentences.

e.g., What is your name?

• at the end of the indirect question , we do not use a question mark but we use a full stop .

e.g., She asked me whether I had completed my work.

6) Exclamation mark ( ! )

Usage and Example

• After exclamations or expression of strong emotions .

e.g., Hurrah ! We have won the tournament.

7) Inverted commas (” “)

Usage and Example

• To enclose the exact words of a speaker, or a quotation .

e.g., Elina said – “My Purse is heavy “.

• If a quotation occurs within a quotation, it is marked by single inverted commas.

e.g., “You might as well say ,” added the Lewis , ” that ‘ I like what I get ‘ is the same thing as ‘ I get what I like.'”

8) Dash ( – )

Usage and Example

• to indicate an abrupt stop or change of thought.

e.g., If my wife were alived – but why lament the past ?

9) Apostrophe ( ‘ )

Usage and Example

• to show the omission of a letter or letters ;

e.g., Don’t, I’ve

• to form the plural of letters and figures

e.g., There are two t’s in twenty.

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